The only carbon-neutral airport in the US

In the US, Ramboll is helping Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), the only carbon-neutral airport in the US, meet its sustainability goals. Together with the client, we’re working to develop an integrated and innovative sustainability strategy that will help the airport meet the difficult challenge of remaining carbon-neutral while continuing to expand and grow.

“Ramboll has demonstrated a strong understanding of DFW’s position as a global leader in sustainability and is helping us to elevate sustainability as a core part of DFW’s long-range strategy and vision,” said Robert Horton, DFW Vice President, Environmental Affairs & Sustainability.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Sustainable energy engineering

In the UK, Ramboll is working with Quintain on Wembley Park – with 7,000 residential units, it is the UK’s largest single-site build-to-rent scheme. Sustainability forms a key component of this transformational urban regeneration project and includes an innovative energy system designed by our experts.

“Quintain has been working with Ramboll for about four years to deliver innovative design solutions to reduce carbon, reduce energy, and reduce material wastage, which they’ve achieved through both structural and energy engineering,” says Matt Voyce, Executive Director for Quintain.

CGI projection of completed projects, with Wembley Way approach in foreground

Environmental investigations

In Denmark, we are assisting Copenhagen City & Port Development to establish the new island of Lynetteholm in the Port of Copenhagen, which is planned to be home to 35,000 residents. This involves completing environmental investigations for establishing the island, including Environmental Impact Assessments and applying for environmental approvals.

“The project aims to help protect against climate change via surge protection, provide a place for surplus soil from construction work, and develop a new district in the city of Copenhagen – and it poses significant environmental challenges related to polluted soil deposition and use of the area by port users and nearby residents,” says Hans Vasehus, Port Master and Technical Director, CPH City & Port Development. “These challenges require careful planning to ensure that the project is undertaken within acceptable environmental impacts.”

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Client satisfaction

A thorough understanding of our clients and their needs is a prerequisite for Ramboll’s ability to meet their needs and enable their success. We always strive to deliver an unmatched experience to our clients. This is why open and honest feedback is key to us. We measure our client’s satisfaction in direct relation to delivering our projects as well as in between projects. Our Project Satisfaction Survey measures our clients’ immediate satisfaction with the projects we have just delivered to them. Over the years, we have seen continuous improvement of the project satisfaction score, and in 2019, we reached a score of 4.38 on a scale from 1-5. This is an all-time high result and an increase compared to the score of 4.34 in 2018.

To assess our clients’ general perception of Ramboll – irrespective of immediate project delivery – we have introduced a Client Loyalty Survey. The survey monitors loyalty, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and satisfaction among our top 3,000 clients on a quarterly basis. As a key performance indicator for client loyalty, we are now measuring NPS for our clients. The NPS score indicates to what extent clients are willing to recommend Ramboll to others. Our first results show a satisfying score with variations across our markets and geographies. The score is used as an outset for a dialogue with our clients about their experience from engaging with Ramboll. Internally, it is used in our business units to agree on measures to improve or further strengthen our clients’ experience.

In addition to the NPS score, the Client Loyalty Survey also measures general satisfaction on several dimensions crucial to the experience we want our clients to have. General satisfaction in Q3 was 4.2 whereas our ability to understand client needs scored 4. Clients gave our ability to deliver and people competences a score of 3.9 and 4.1 respectively. These dimensions are measured on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to Strongly disagree and 5 corresponds to Strongly agree.

Our clients gave three dominant reasons why they have chosen Ramboll as their business partner: We are leading experts within our service areas, we help achieve clients’ goals, and we have a trustworthy reputation.

Understanding our clients’ perspectives

In 2019, we have implemented a new client dialogue format offering our clients the opportunity to share their perspectives. In this format, both the client and the responsible Ramboll team rate a series of important aspects relating to Ramboll’s deliverables and collaboration. Subsequently, we compare the commonalities and differences in perception during an open dialogue with the client to foster a constructive discussion of where and how Ramboll can improve and develop the relationship.