Ramboll acquired the US-based engineering and design consultancy OBG with effect from 1 January 2019. OBG’s 900 experts have strong competencies within the fields of water, energy, environment and advanced manufacturing. The combined strengths of Ramboll US and OBG is the cornerstone in our new business unit, Americas, which is the largest geographical business unit in Ramboll on the threshold to 2020.

Henning Larsen (Denmark)

Ramboll took a significant strategic step when the world-renowned architectural company Henning Larsen became part of Ramboll. The agreement was signed in December 2019, and the acquisition is effective from 2 January 2020.

The shared vision is to create integrated design solutions for sustainable cities and buildings that respond to today’s global challenges. Over the coming year, the ambition is to establish a global architecture business unit with approx. 800 architects and landscape architects.

Henning Larsen is one of Denmark’s leading architectural firms and has undertaken projects all over the world. The company was founded by architect Henning Larsen in 1959 and is globally recognised for its aesthetic, sustainable and socially inclusive architecture. Today, the company employs approximately 300 employees across six offices. Henning Larsen’s many iconic projects range from individual buildings to plans for entire urban areas. 78 per cent of Henning Larsen’s revenue is derived from projects outside of Denmark. Henning Larsen will continue to operate under the Henning Larsen brand.

Henning Larsen / Hotel Alsig / Sonderborg Denmark

Henning Larsen / Harpa Reykjavik

Web Structures (Singapore)

Ramboll has acquired Web Structures; a leading building design and engineering consultancy that has pioneered integrated design in Southeast Asia. They offer specialist design services for high-rise buildings, which is a strategic target area for us. The acquisition is effective from 6 January 2020. It strengthens Ramboll’s position in Southeast Asia, adding 120 experts to Ramboll’s 4,500 building designers.

Employing diverse talent from the UK, Europe and Asia, Web Structures provides worldwide design consultancy at the highest end of the international spectrum. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and London, the civil, structural and geotechnical practice also offers specialist design services in related engineering fields. Completing over 650 projects in more than 28 countries since 1996, the practice has worked with the world’s most renowned architects, developers and consultants.

Strafica (Finland)

By acquiring Strafica; a strategic transport planning and smart-mobility firm in Finland, Ramboll further strengthened its position as a leading sustainable mobility consultant for municipalities and transport authorities. With Strafica on board, we have reinforced our data-enabled services within smart mobility for the benefit of our clients internationally. Strafica is a Helsinki-based company with 20 highly skilled experts in strategic transport planning and smart mobility, with a track record of acting as a strategic decision-making advisor.

TEC Conseil (France)

The acquisition of TEC Conseil brings additional climate change mitigation and adaptation expertise to Ramboll’s sustainability offering. Founded in 2001, TEC Conseil  provides consultancy services to the public and private sectors.

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