Building a sustainable future for Lake Ontario

The shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River (US) have experienced an extended pattern of flooding damage. A programme has been established to address the immediate and long-term resiliency needs of these areas while also increasing economic development opportunities and the health of the lake. To support these efforts, the New York State Office of General Services and Department of Environmental Conservation have engaged Ramboll to help develop a new vision for rebuilding and enhancing the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River shoreline.

Philips Park Walkway draft rendering

Lake Ontario

Enabling Asia’s Smart Cities for Future Generations

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have launched an initiative with Ramboll to develop, pilot, and implement smart city concepts in eight Southeast Asian countries. The project will address urban challenges related to liveability, climate change, planning and resilience, and will utilise Ramboll’s holistic expertise in architecture, water, transport, energy, buildings, and management consulting. Ramboll’s ability to work across these sectors and to identify innovative solutions to complex urban issues were decisive factors for ADB in selecting Ramboll as its partner for this ground-breaking project.

Public Park in Singapore designed by Ramboll

Initiating Sweden’s new high-speed rail link

The commuter route between Gothenburg and Borås is one of Sweden’s busiest. Commuting by bus and car currently creates congestion and the single-track railway does not provide sufficient capacity. With double rail tracks built for speeds of 250 km/hour, travel time will be greatly reduced, and the number of trains can be increased significantly. The new railway between Gothenburg and Borås and onwards to Stockholm will also offer people the opportunity to travel more sustainably.

The project planning to ensure the best route for the railway has begun, and Ramboll plays an important and active role in driving the process forward. Our assignment is to investigate a suitable corridor for the tracks that will deliver better journey times and accessibility while minimising the impact on the environment and travel disruption for the local inhabitants.


Developing the largest shopping complex in the Nordics

In Finland, Ramboll has contributed with geotechnical, environmental, structural, electrical, lighting and landscaping services to the EUR 1.5 billion three-block Tripla complex in Helsinki. The complex forms an urban centre that includes a shopping centre, the Mall of Tripla, railway station, and hotel, as well as working, living, housing and leisure-time activities. Tripla has been awarded the highest level of LEED Platinum certification. The green roof covers 40 per cent of the roof area, the average energy consumption of the shopping centre is approximately 40 per cent lower, and its water consumption is approximately 40 per cent lower than in new buildings on average.

The new Pasila Railway station and the public transportation centre provide easy connections for mobility and for changing between various forms of transport

Tripla complex in Helsinki