Our target:

Zero harm in health, safety and security.

Having healthy and safe working conditions is a key concern and strategic priority. Ramboll employees can potentially be exposed to health, safety and security (HSS) hazards and risks in the course of their work. This can include work conducted in an office or in the field such as at construction sites, conducting environmental field investigations, or handling chemicals.

By focusing on the physical as well as the mental well-being of our employees, Ramboll seeks to ensure and minimise the risk of harm and to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

This includes enhancing our Global HSS management system by expanding the HSS organisation, centralising our risk assessment procedure, providing task-specific training to employees, as well as defining project management and incident reporting processes and procedures.

The main HSS risks identified include slips, trips and falls, employee well-being, and transportation safety. To mitigate these risks, we began working on a global employee well-being programme; providing awareness training on slips, trips and falls, and transport safety. In 2019, 132 incidents were reported. Of these incidents, 18 were lost-time injuries and there were no lost-time illnesses.

Given the cultural diversity of Ramboll, creating the necessary awareness around HSS can be a challenge. To address this challenge and ensure that our employees proactively act on HSS, we will continue to focus on the commonalities that exist within HSS globally. We will also continue to provide our employees with applicable guidance, awareness and training on these common topics.

In 2019, a strong focus was placed on training employees including a centralised, global HSS campaign and broader implementation of Safety Moments. In addition, local training is taking place. As an example, our office in Chennai, India, conducted a targeted workshop that was offered to female employees on their personal safety.


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