Human rights

Ramboll is committed to respecting human rights in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We also follow the requirements in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act and the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act.

As an employer, Ramboll can potentially cause adverse human rights impacts. And when working on projects, Ramboll could cause, contribute or be linked to human rights abuses through our business relations. We help mitigate negative impacts on human rights by assessing our impacts, training employees in human rights policies and procedures, safeguarding the human rights of employees, advising clients and third parties, and speaking up when necessary.

Human Rights are integrated into many HR, Project Excellence, and compliance policies and procedures, which are continuously monitored and improved.

Through our impact assessments and due diligence procedures, we have identified the most salient human rights issues that Ramboll is exposed to:

  • Right to non-discrimination
  • Right to enjoy just and favourable working conditions including health, safety and well-being
  • Right not to be subjected to slavery, servitude or forced labour

In 2019, we focused on implementing mitigating actions based on an impact assessment made in our India operations. Such actions included ISO certification of the Health & Safety management system, improved HR processes and cultural awareness training. The planned impact assessment of Ramboll’s operations in the Middle East has been postponed to 2020 due to organisational changes in 2019.


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