We value our employees highly, and we systematically measure employee satisfaction and engagement level accordingly. If our employees are satisfied, they will be motivated and play an active role in delivering value to our clients. In 2019, we once again conducted our annual Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey. This year, 91 per cent of employees participated in the survey. We achieved an overall score of 4.1 on a scale from 1-5, which is positive. It represents the same level as in 2018 and exceeds our target of 4.0.

The survey comprises 26 core statements that are central to employee satisfaction and engagement in Ramboll. One area that achieved an especially high rating is employees’ perception of their own engagement levels, where a score of 4.2 was recorded.

Employment and management relations

Basic employment conditions and constructive dialogue with management promote employee satisfaction, an inclusive working culture, and a good work-life balance.

Voluntary turnover decreased slightly from 12 per cent in 2018 to 11.4 per cent in 2019. The proportion of employees that is covered by collective bargaining agreements is 49 per cent in 2019 compared with 51 per cent in 2018.

An open and honest dialogue between employees and management is important to foster a culture of trust. We encourage employees to raise concerns with their immediate manager or local management, but it is also possible to engage in dialogue in other ways. For instance, the Global Ramboll Works Council includes employee representatives from each business unit, and they meet with top management to discuss topics that have a material impact on employees. In accordance with local traditions, requirements and applicable law, work councils are implemented locally in all business units.

People integration

Ramboll is growing significantly, both organically and through acquisitions. Hence, people integration is an ongoing priority, and we prioritise to develop the tools and processes to ensure smooth transitions. The acquisition of the consultancy company OBG in North America, which employs 900 people, almost doubled our number of experts in the Americas and was considered the most important integration in 2019.

The leadership groups in Ramboll and OBG strongly emphasised the cultural alignment strategy from the outset of the integration process to positively influence and steer the new combined organisation. The organisations were mapped, and the resulting report provided the integration and leadership teams with clear insights into the current work culture of each organisation. This was then used as a tool to identify the ideal future situation and to prioritise activities that would make the largest contributions to progressing the integration.

In addition, the Ramboll Foundation helped establish an exchange programme to support the creation of the Americas business unit and specifically the integration between the legacy of OBG and Ramboll. This programme provides employees with an opportunity to engage with new colleagues and participate in knowledge-sharing and collaboration to accelerate current commercial opportunities and pursue future business synergies.


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