Our commitment:

We act as a trusted partner, always passionate about the success of our clients.

Supporting Clients during the Crisis

In-person meetings, site visits and workshops were cancelled due to COVID-19. The crisis rendered many of the usual ways of working with our clients unsafe and made it essential to re-think how to continue close collaboration throughout the crisis.

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In Finland, the old central hospital in Central Finland has been replaced with a new, more extensive central hospital

Delivering Value to Clients

Throughout the year, Ramboll finalised more than 34,000 projects and high performance and project delivery remained a key priority. Our clients evaluated 4,110 projects in 2020 and on a scale from 1 to 5 we achieved a satisfaction score of 4.39.

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Galago’s AI-powered platform uses aerial and satellite imagery to monitor and analyse sites and detect land issues at an early stage

Creating Value through Innovation

Realising the potential of digital innovation enables us to work even more closely with our clients, drive efficiencies and find solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges.

Throughout 2020, Ramboll progressed the innovation agenda and we now have a strong, revenue-generating portfolio of more than 100 innovation projects.

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