2020 was and unusual and difficult year. Throughout the year, we were in close dialogue with our clients and leveraged Ramboll’s global experience and local expertise to provide solutions to the complex challenges arising in the wake of the pandemic. These range from health science consultancy applied to the safe reopening of production facilities, and smart engineering solutions applied to the resilient office space.
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Supporting Clients during the Crisis

In-person meetings, site visits and workshops were cancelled due to COVID-19. The crisis rendered many of the usual ways of working with our clients unsafe and made it essential to re-think how to continue close collaboration throughout the crisis. 

As a global company with strong digital platforms and virtual channels, we are well set up to deliver on our commitments to

At the beginning of the crisis, we mobilised a dedicated team, offering support to clients in need of assistance within their own operations to successfully adopt digital platforms and work virtually.

Ramboll’s multidisciplinary team of specialists within environmental health and safety supported clients in protecting their employees and businesses, to ensure safe and resilient operations. Our health science experts have made it their top priority throughout the pandemic to stay updated on the fast-changing research on the COVID-19 virus and to deliver solutions based on the latest science. And the experts have shared their knowledge through webinars.

In another effort to support our clients, Ramboll’s experts developed training apps, available for free in several countries, which help prevent the spread of disease in workplaces. The apps simulate common situations in a virtual environment and provide guidance on safe behaviour. The first app focused on construction sites, whilst the second app dealt with safety in offices.

Other tools developed include drone site inspections and digital simulation techniques for mitigation strategies. These efforts have been part of our response support – all to help our clients through the crisis in the best possible way.

Maintaining high client satisfaction

More than ever, it has been key to properly understand our clients’ needs so that we may help them safely through this challenging time and beyond.

We have done this in part by leveraging our Key Account programme and ramping up up on our processes and tools to retrieve systematic client insights. We want to support our clients in the best possible way. We are therefore committed to engaging in a continuous dialogue to understand specific needs and possible responses. Our solutions are always based on insights into the challenges of the specific client. We do this to make our expertise and offering even more targeted and relevant. We believe value creating is essential to maintaining long-term client relationships.

During an unusual year with many distractions, Ramboll obtained client feedback and insights through our Client Loyalty Survey. We recorded a client satisfaction score of 4.4 on a scale from 1 to 5. This is an all-time high result and an increase of 0.2 compared to 2019.

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