Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann

Børge Rambøll and Johan Hannemann.

Our vision

A globally leading consultancy delivering integrated and sustainable solutions, shaping today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish.
In 2020, we celebrated Ramboll’s 75-year anniversary. Over the course of the years, Ramboll has grown from a company of two passionate engineers to a global multidisciplinary organisation with 15,896 employees in 35 countries, all contributing to the sustainable development of society. While the company has evolved, the core principles and values remain the same.

Celebrating 75 years of sustainable solutions

From the very beginning, Ramboll has been a purpose-driven company. In October 1945, Børge Rambøll and Johan Hannemann stood on the rooftop of Danish Technical College, which later became the Technical University of Denmark, and talked about founding their own company. The two young engineers had a strong humanistic and social vision about a company that would help develop society and improve conditions for people and nature. This was the inception of Ramboll.

One of the company’s early focus areas was to help re-establish the communication infrastructure in Europe after World War IIby building broadcast towers.

In this process, Johan Hannemann invented a new way to design the towers, using round steel bars, which made the towers unusually light and cheap to produce. Some of Hannemann’s towers still stand today, and the innovative design is still in use for offshore structures all over the world.

The broadcast towers exemplify the core of Ramboll’s purpose: creating value for clients, people and society through bright ideas, which drive sustainable change.

Our two founders’ approach to work, society and employees remain a cornerstone of Ramboll’s values today. Their legacy is reflected in our Fundamentals and in the work we do. From climate adaptation and green energy to low-carbon building solutions, we continue to help our clients create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish.

In October, Ramboll’s 15,896 employees were all invited to a live virtual celebration show to mark Ramboll's 75 years anniversary.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that we had to find alternative means of celebrating this significant milestone while protecting the health & safety of our employees. In October, Ramboll’s 15,896 employees were all invited for a live virtual celebration show to mark the anniversary. Leading up to this event, thousands of employees participated in quizzes, sent in celebration pictures and engaged with our series of stories about defining moments and projects on our digital collaboration space.

Protecting the long-term development of Ramboll through foundation ownership

The purpose of the Ramboll Foundation is to safeguard the long-term continuance and development of Ramboll, for the benefit of the company’s employees. During this difficult year, the strength and benefit of our foundation ownership has become very clear.

As part of the measures taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, it was decided in 2020 not to pay out dividend. This decision contributes to protecting the future of the company and sustaining the jobs and well-being of our employees.

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