Largest offshore wind project in the US

Ramboll has been chosen by the US energy company, Dominion Energy, to support development and engineering aspects of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project. The new 2.6 GW offshore wind farm will become one of the largest in the world. By the end of 2026, it will supply 650,000 US homes with zero-carbon electricity. As the owner’s engineer, Ramboll will provide consultancy to Dominion Energy on all development and engineering aspects of the farm.

‘Working with experienced and respected offshore wind leaders, such as Ramboll, will help us bring clean, renewable energy to our customers and achieve our goal of net zero emissions,’ said Mark D. Mitchell, Dominion Energy’s Vice President for Generation Construction.

Ramboll has been chosen by the US energy company, Dominion Energy, to support development and engineering aspects of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project.

Denmark’s first Ecolabel primary school

Henning Larsen is designing the new school in Sundby, Denmark, with a clear vision: to create a school that will build a bridge between the local community, sports and cultural life, as well as create a healthy and productive learning environment for all its pupils and employees.

The new school in Sundby complies with the energy requirements for low energy class 2020 according to national building regulations, BR18. The façade, interior panels and terrace boards are Nordic Eco-labelled and trace-certified according to FSC or PEFC.

According to the awarding jury for Sundby School, ‘This is a project where planning and interior design provide space for activities where practicality, project-based teaching, active participation and healthy habits are paramount. The project articulates a radical transformation of the school in relation to 21st century competencies, and it balances considerations for everyday school life and Architecture with a capital A.

Henning Larsen won the competition in collaboration with SKALA Architects, BO-HUS, ETN Arkitekter, Autens and MOE.

Tencent Innovation City

Innovative landscape design

Led by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl in Beijing, Ramboll has been selected to undertake the landscape and eco water design of a visionary project: the Tencent Innovation City in China a new area of 7.9 hectares enabling start-up companies, innovators and investors to collaborate and exchange ideas.

The landscape design will be connecting the commercial streets with water flow elements to match the flowing architectural forms designed by Zaha Hadid. It will also allow for recycling and reuse of rainwater and will mitigate flood risks. Moreover, the landscape will likely include several digital and ‘intelligent’ features.

Designing Finland’s tallest timber building

At 60 meters, an innovative new office building, called Keilaniemen Portti, will be Finland’s tallest timber building and one of the tallest timber office buildings in the world. Ramboll is on board as engineering partner, to help Varma Pension Insurance Company realise the ambition of creating an innovative and sustainable structure with a low environmental impact.

Ramboll is providing structural design, geotechnical design and HVAC services as well as designing the energy system and securing BREEAM Certification for the building, aiming for a rating of ‘Excellent’. ‘Being a large multinational company, Ramboll has references in the design of wood-structured premises, and they can take advantage of their extensive international expertise and experience and best practices from projects abroad,’ said Jouko Räisänen, Construction Manager, Varma.

Penang South Islands in Malaysia

The Penang South Islands project sets a new benchmark for smart urban sustainability in Southeast Asia.