Ramboll’s HSEQ ambitions 2021

  • Continue to develop and implement Health & Safety campaigns on relevant topics in a structured manner and the mobilisation of the global Health & Safety organization and relevant stakeholders.

  • Continue to review and update Health & Safety processes as required.

  • Assess potential development areas in Ramboll’s emergency management set-up based on the lessons learned from the ongoing pandemic.
Ramboll employee working on site

Ramboll’s global Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) management system centralises our risk assessment procedures, informs training for our employees and defines our Health & Safety incident reporting processes. The procedures and processes under the global HSEQ management system are monitored and continually updated as required.

In 2020, Ramboll’s zero-harm culture was greatly challenged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramboll reacted to form a Group COVID-19 crisis management taskforce with representatives from the Group Executive Board and relevant support functions. This was initiated early on as the pandemic evolved and was followed by the establishment of countrybased taskforces.

In this way, Ramboll ensured that precautions were taken locally as the pandemic unfolded, and that all initiatives were conducted according to the local authority requirements and Ramboll’s internal guidelines.

In 2020, the Health & Safety organization was strengthened and ‘Safety Ambassadors’ were appointed in every office at Ramboll worldwide. The Safety Ambassador role supports the global Health & Safety network at Ramboll. The ambassador also acts as a liaison officer between the local Health & Safety organisation and Facility Management when required.

Furthermore, global Health & Safety reporting software has been implemented across Ramboll. The objective is to enable access for all employees to easily report Health & Safety incidents or work observations. Every employee is empowered and encouraged to report on any Health & Safety incidents.

In 2020, we also launched a global Health & Safety campaign with mandatory awareness training for all employees. We improved risk assessment procedures in project management and international travel, standardised global emergency preparedness processes and increased our implementation of Safety Moments to underpin the company’s ‘Caring Together’ culture.

The pandemic is expected to continue to have an impact across Ramboll for most of 2021. This situation will have the highest priority and will be followed closely. The Ramboll Group task force along with the local taskforces will adjust the internal guidelines whenever the authority requirements and recommendations are changed


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