The Ramboll Group completed its first registration with EcoVadis, which provides global holistic sustainability ratings of companies. The ratings are used as a supplier screening tool.Ramboll Group was assessed based on international CSR standards and performed satisfactorily on par with our peer group. In 2021, we will work on improving our ranking, focusing on our supply chain.

In 2020, Ramboll in Norway received its first Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) certification. The certification assesses the company’s ability to work with the 17 goals.

The certification has been carried out by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading auditing companies, and Ramboll was assessed on our efforts to influence the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 sub-goals. The audit reviewed the current status of the organization in how the UN’s sustainability goals are operationalised in strategy, management systems, projects and in the supply chain.

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The sustainability agenda in Denmark

In 2020, Ramboll launched the first Danish study on sustainability efforts within the industrial sector. 250 major industry companies in Denmark were asked about their sustainability initiatives, the possibilities they saw and the challenges they were facing. The results of the survey show that despite the pandemic and the financial repercussions, the largest companies within the industry sector maintain a focus on making production, energy consumption and waste management more sustainable.
The Sustainability in Practice Report gives insights into industry sustainability performance across the industry in Denmark, raises awareness and provides benchmarking on important sustainability themes.

Events and partnerships

2020 was a challenging year when it comes to events and partnerships. However, several virtual events on sustainability and the climate emergency were held; Ramboll contributed to panel debates and made keynote addresses during New York Climate Week, Green Building Week and Building Green. We are planning for a substantial presence at COP-26 which has been postponed to November 2021 in Glasgow.

The partnerships that are established with New York University and Copenhagen Business School will continue with student collaborations within the areas of Smart Mobility, Sustainable Hospitals Design, and Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluations of the Built Environment. The collaborations produce value by adding insights for the business markets to build upon.

Creating Liveable Places

‘Liveable Places’ is Ramboll’s new offering for creating attractive, prosperous and sustainable physical spaces – from cities and neighbourhoods to individual streets and buildings. Working with developers, utilities, local authorities and investors, Ramboll aims to create places where people, communities, businesses, and nature can thrive.

Liveable Places is a collaboration between Ramboll’s markets, bringing integrated offerings and global experience on urban regeneration and development projects. This includes the strategy for a mobility masterplan in Kiel, a project to enhance bicycle infrastructure and the uptake of cycling in Dublin, and the creation of20-minute neighbourhoods in Scotland where people can live, work and learn close to home.


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