Ramboll and Henning Larsen are jointly delivering The Marble Pier project for client AP Pension in Copenhagen.

Clients at the core of what we do

Understanding clients’ needs and helping them win in a competitive landscape, continues to define how Ramboll serves nearly 15,000 clients across multiple Markets and Geographies.

In 2021, many industrial sectors continued to feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic even as the global economy returned to growth. Ongoing threats to businesses include supply chain and labour shortages and new realities like remote working.

At the same time, established industries such as energy, utilities, heavy transport and construction are having to tackle the challenge of transforming their business models in line with tougher regulations on carbon reductions and digitalisation.

Ramboll aims to help clients to navigate such dilemmas and emerging business landscapes. We do that by understanding their priorities and identifying what enables their success, and thereby help them achieve goals across the value chain. We do so by providing technical solutions and advice to solve specific problems and improve the sustainability impacts of the client’s business.

Increasingly, clients want to know the sustainability impact of our solutions, such as reduced carbon emissions and better resource management.

We innovate and co-create with clients to deliver the greatest sustainability gains in their projects and work in a structured way with key accounts to bring them the best of Ramboll’s expertise and experience.

We also help identify other areas in the client value chain where Ramboll can lean in with sustainable solutions, thereby holistically improving our clients’ performance.

Maintaining high client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is among our highest priorities at Ramboll. We aim to deliver outstanding client experience and build long-term relationships. Dialogue and engagement are crucial elements of our relationship with our clients. We gather their feedback in a systematic way, measuring for satisfaction, loyalty and reputation, among others. Data from Ramboll’s annual Client Loyalty Survey and Project Satisfaction Survey in 2021 reveal insights on why clients choose to work with Ramboll.

According to the feedback, clients highly value Ramboll’s expertise, knowledge and ability to deliver on schedule. These are among the top reasons clients choose to work with Ramboll. Clients most highly valued “cooperation”, alongside the ability to work proactively and have access to high quality expertise, when working with Ramboll. Scores on each area are shown in the Project satisfaction index.

Value added with sustainability

The results show that increased dialogue improves client loyalty and that clients are confident that Ramboll focuses on adding value to our interactions, among others. 

They also demonstrate that clients value our engagement on sustainability, and consider sustainability to be a key trend in their collaboration with Ramboll, with a priority on topics such as global climate goals for net-zero emissions, the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, and the decarbonisation of energy systems. 

These insights help determine the solutions we provide clients. In 2021, clients comprising about 40% of our revenue provided feedback to our surveys. Ramboll highly appreciates the feedback as it allows us to improve service delivery to clients.

Delivering value to clients

Highlighted projects with key clients in 2021