Framework agreements were concluded with DC Water and WSSC Water, US, and HOFOR, Novafos and Aarhus Vand, Denmark.

"The collaboration culture in water Partner 2.0 reflects a strong wish to succeed together."

We are driving innovation in water management with major US and Danish utilities. 

Ensuring water quality and security in cities is a global challenge, in large part due to urbanisation and climate change. 

Ramboll tackles these challenges in a number of framework agreements, listed below, that establish or strengthen our long-term client relationships. Each project combines Ramboll’s specialised water knowledge and experience with local experts to create custom solutions. 

By signing three new framework agreements with DC Water and WSSC Water, Ramboll strengthens its longstanding relationships with two major US utility players and continues to help the US Capital Region adapt to climate change and upgrade its water and sewer systems. 

In Denmark, Ramboll won two water and wastewater agreements with HOFOR, the country’s largest utility provider, and won four out of five agreements with Novafos, another major utility. 

HOFOR and Novafos selected Ramboll due to our high level and wide range of competencies and experience. 

Together with Krüger, Ramboll won a six-year framework agreement with Aarhus Vand covering climate adaptation, sewer separation, life extension of assets, and major pipeline rerouting projects. Ramboll and Krüger also joined the ‘Water Partner 2.0’ partnership created by Aarhus Vand to drive sustainable innovation through collaboration and co-creation. 

“The collaboration culture in Water Partner 2.0 reflects a strong wish of succeeding together. Aarhus Vand is therefore happy to get Ramboll and Krüger on board, and we look forward to kicking off the collaboration in the New Year,” says Ane Mølgaard Rasmussen, Plan & Project manager, Aarhus Vand.

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