"Entering a strategic partnership with Ramboll was based on the overlapping societal values of our companies, their expertise and approach to such a partnership."

More and more companies seek to improve their sustainability impact across the value chain. Storebrand, a leader in the Nordic market for long-term savings, pensions, and insurance, is a strong example. 

Storebrand, which manages about NOK 1,000 billion of assets, aims to reduce energy demand in buildings, invest green in accordance with the EU Taxonomy and reach net-zero emissions in its investment portfolio by 2050. 

In light of these ambitions, Storebrand selected Ramboll in 2019 as the sole partner to develop its real estate portfolio in a sustainable way. The two companies embarked on a strategic partnership, in 2020, with Ramboll perceived to offer the best match for Storebrand’s vision for corporate sustainability and ethics. 

“Entering a strategic partnership with Ramboll was based on the overlapping societal values of our companies, their expertise and approach to such a partnership,” says Richard Kristensen Kruse, Project- and- Development Director at Storebrand. “Ramboll has since then truly lived up to their good reputation, and we look forward to the continuation!” 

Ramboll has since worked on a wide range of projects for Storebrand’s real-estate portfolio, including refurbishments of areas for new tenants, zone planning and development, and engineering and project management services.

Ramboll is currently mapping energy reduction measures on all of Storebrand’s estates to meet the company’s goal of halving carbon emissions by 2030. Two of the largest ongoing projects seek to reduce energy demand by more than 50% when completed in 2023-24.

Furthermore, Ramboll is the strategic adviser for Storebrand’s digital strategy, with the company aiming to be a fully digital real estate asset manager by 2025.

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