Engagement and well-being

With both people and businesses still impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, our key priority was to support our employees during this period of increased uncertainty. We helped them adapt to circumstances, feel connected to Ramboll, and stay engaged within the new, hybrid work environment.

Building on our efforts in hybrid working during 2020, we used our strong IT platform to further enable digital collaboration, as well as continue to provide frequent, timely and transparent leadership communication to our employees. This helped provide clarity and psychological safety in times of change and uncertainty.

In 2021, we conducted a global survey to gather employee perspectives about how to optimally design the future workplace in Ramboll. We used this input to develop and implement global guidelines and local policies in major locations, which guide employees in finding a balance between returning to offices and working from home.

Additionally, we piloted elements of a new office design for select locations in Germany and Denmark that can be implemented in other geographies. The new office concept considers the collaboration needs of employees delivering projects for clients, as well as allowing for flexible use of office desks and seating.

These efforts, among others, have led to strongly positive results in the 2021 Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey. The overall engagement index was above target (4.1 on a 5-point scale), and the job satisfaction score remained at 4.1, on par with 4.1 in 2020. The results on employees’ willingness to recommend Ramboll as a workplace (4.2) and their willingness to stay with Ramboll during the next 2 years (4.1) are encouraging.

Similar to a general market trend as the hiring market picked up globally after a slowdown in 2020, Ramboll has faced rising employee turnover in 2021. We have looked into how to better meet Ramboll employee requirements through actions such as exit and stay-on interviews. We learned we need to continue focusing on career development, flexible working, work-life balance, and staying relevant and visible with our purpose. This remains a priority for us.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Ramboll’s core beliefs continue to drive our approach to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We believe all people must have equal opportunities to unfold their potential in life. We consider our employees our core strength. Ramboll respects, embraces, and invites diversity in all its forms, while creating an inclusive culture where everyone thrives.

High ethical standards and behaving responsibly towards each other, our shareholders, clients, collaborators, and society are central to our identity. We all have a shared responsibility in creating an inclusive organisational culture at Ramboll. We are mindful that acting on EDI is an ongoing journey requiring contributions from all employees, and especially leaders as role models.

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People Strategy 2022-2025

In light of Ramboll’s strategy for 2022-2025, we took a closer look in 2021 at what it takes from a people and organisational perspective to bring sustainable change to our partners, clients, and societies.

Ramboll’s People strategy will be a key driver of the new business strategy, as it sets out to develop our people and reinforce our culture. The introduction of the new Group Chief People Officer role emphasises the high priority we place on the people and organisational development. The People strategy rests on the following four pillars: Strategic transformation by strong and value-based leadership; Inclusive culture; Bright minds and competencies; Belonging, well-being and company culture.

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