Ramboll employees having a virtual online meeting

Good employment conditions and an open dialogue between employees and managers form the basis of employee satisfaction and are prerequisites for an inclusive working culture and a good worklife balance. It is also important in fostering a culture of trust. 

We encourage employees to raise any concerns or dilemmas they experience either through their immediate manager, or their local management, or via speak-up mechanisms such as our whistleblower system. 

It is also possible to engage in a dialogue in other ways. For instance, the Global Ramboll Works Council includes employee representatives from each business unit, who meet with top management to discuss topics that have a material impact on employees. During 2020 and 2021, extraordinary meetings were called in the Ramboll Group Works Council to facilitate discussions on urgent topics brought about by the pandemic. 

In accordance with local traditions, requirements, and applicable law, works councils operate locally in all business units. The proportion of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements remains at 47% in our geographical strongholds in 2021.

Our leadership principles

Good leaders help make a company successful and competitive and bring out the best in the people they lead. Our four leadership principles define what great leadership looks like in Ramboll. Guided by these principles, leaders enable employees to deliver bright ideas and sustainable change to clients, society, and our company. 

Be a role model 

Our leaders are role models for their team and colleagues across the organisation. They must act with high integrity, uphold our values, and represent our company and culture. 

Create stakeholder value 

A leader makes sure we deliver value to all our stakeholders. They honour Ramboll’s Commitments towards our stakeholders and deliver value, in every sense of the word. 

Shape the future 

A leader helps shape the future of our company and has impact on employees, the business of our clients and partners, and even on societal developments 

Develop bright minds 

A leader is responsible for helping employees to learn and grow. They foster an environment of equal opportunities where people and teams feel safe, fulfilled, and are engaged and thrive.