We are proud that our owner, the Ramboll Foundation, supports the green energy transition. Hydrogen produced from renewable energy is critical for the green energy transition, but price is a major barrier to deployment. A solution may now be in sight. 

28-year-old Danish researcher Anne Lyck Smitshuysen won the 2021 Flemming Bligaard Award from the Ramboll Foundation. Her research could help cut production costs by 15% and thereby help speed up deployment of green hydrogen. The DKK 500, 000 award will fund her future research. 

“Through my research, I have shown how to increase the size of electrolysis cells from 150 square centimeters to 1,000 square centimeters without breaking the cells during construction. That’s roughly equal to upscaling the quadratic cells from the size of a piece of toast to the size of a computer screen,” says Anne Lyck Smitshuysen, who is pursuing an industrial PhD at Technical University of Denmark. 

“My research can be applied in large stationary plants, for example, we can use the units that I’m creating to create large scale energy storage for wind turbines in the North Sea,” she adds. 

“Anne Lyck Smitshuysen’s invention is a technological breakthrough in Power-to-X research which will have a tremendous impact on the future production of green hydrogen,” says Robert Arpe, Chairman of the Ramboll Foundation. 

The annual Award is given to an early-career researcher who makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.