Caring for employees is fundamental to Ramboll. Maintaining and improving the safety and well-being of employees is one of our most important tasks. 

How We Act, our company wide Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality management system, aims to support these aspirations. It contains Groupwide policies that define our systematic approach to identifying, managing, and monitoring risks as well as our ongoing commitment to improving our performance.

The management system complies with, and is certified according to, internationally recognised standards: ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety management; ISO 9001 on quality management; and ISO 14001 on environmental management. 

Individual and organisational resilience was especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic, and our Health and Safety management teams and processes proved fully capable of responding to the challenges of the pandemic.

Although the impact of the pandemic varied by country, we rapidly established a global internal Covid-19 monitoring process that enabled us to identify changing conditions and respond quickly, such as by placing affected offices under partial or complete lockdowns. Based on our Health and Safety precaution initiatives, our projects and business were able to continue with limited disruptions. 

Ramboll continues to take steps to minimise the effect of the pandemic and has released an internal group-wide position on Covid-19 precautions. We encourage all employees to be Covid-19 vaccinated before returning to Ramboll premises, or when travelling to client sites. In addition, we adjust internal guidelines and adopt local precautions whenever local authority requirements and recommendations are changed.



Caring together

In 2021, we increased implementation of Safety Moments - brief talks that reinforce transparency about any topic relevant to health and safety at Ramboll. These talks take place at the beginning of formal meetings, helping maintain focus on Health and Safety and underscoring our Caring Together programme. 

Through a centralised digital Health and Safety reporting system, which allows employees to report on Health and Safety from any location, we have established an internal network of more than 100 colleagues around the globe. They support the review and classification of Health and Safety incidents, implement corrective or preventative actions, and communicate local or globally identified Health and Safety patterns. We will continue to expand this network in 2022. 

We operate with three Health and Safety key performance indicators. Lost time incident rate (LTIR), which was down to 0.43 in 2021 (2020: 0.89). The total reportable incident rate was 1.37 in 2021 as compared with 1.74 in 2020.

The decrease is mainly due to Covid-19 as employees have been working from home to a much higher degree than usual and have been out less on field work. Finally, we measure our Health and Safety training completion rate, which increased to a very satisfactory 98%, as compared with 88% in 2020, due to mandatory requirements and measures.

Health and safety ambitions

Informed by the annual Health and Safety maturity assessment survey results, we defined the following ambitions: 

  • Conduct global Health and Safety campaign to refresh employee’s knowledge about mandatory training, as well as continue with regular Health and Safety communications on various digital channels. 

  • Equip leaders with relevant Health and Safety leadership training to support them in enhancing the company’s ‘Caring Together’ culture. 

  • Further use and leverage our leading and lagging Health and Safety indicators to advance our How We Act system, inspiring employees to be part of the continuous improvement process.