In light of Ramboll’s strategy for 2022-2025, we took a closer look in 2021 at what it takes from a people and organisational perspective to bring sustainable change to our partners, clients, and societies. 

Ramboll’s People strategy will be a key driver of the new business strategy, as it sets out to develop our people and reinforce our culture. The introduction of the new Group Chief People Officer role emphasises the high priority we place on the people and organisational development.

The People strategy rests on the following four pillars: 

To succeed as a strong and value-based leader takes dedication and is supported internally through tailored skills development programmes for leaders on all levels.

1. Strategic transformation by strong and value-based leadership: 

With the launch of Ramboll’s Leadership Principles in 2021, we have paved the way for a shared understanding of what it takes to lead Ramboll through a strategic transformation in the years to come.

Leaders in Ramboll drive business performance and value-creation for our clients as well as motivate our employees, shape the future of our company, and are role models for Ramboll’s values and culture. To succeed as a strong and value-based leader takes dedication and is supported internally through tailored skills development programmes for leaders at all levels. 

2. Inclusive culture: 

Diversity and inclusion have long been core to Ramboll’s culture and values. Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, where employees feel they belong, is vital to release human potential and ignite business development, performance, and opportunity. We continue to foster an inclusive culture that reflects Ramboll’s commitment to society, clients, and people. 

3. Bright minds and competencies: 

We will continue our efforts in attracting and developing bright minds and competencies for our sustainability, digital and commercial transformation. We plan for a renewed talent attraction approach to bring the best specialists, experts, and leaders to Ramboll.

On talent retention, we will do our outmost to understand what it takes to keep employees onboard, engaged, and motivated, by listening carefully to their wants and needs and by offering them relevant career progression opportunities. 

4. Belonging, well-being and company culture: 

As we grow and transform, we will maintain and foster a modern workplace with a strong sense of belonging, wellbeing, and company culture.

This requires stepping up our digital capacity while not losing sight of the human touch. Our employees are first and foremost individuals who want to feel they belong, even while working in an increasingly digital environment. This is particularly important, as some may join Ramboll through acquisitions in the years to come.