Entry-Level Environmental Consultant - Ecology and Data Analysis - Portland, ME

Ramboll is seeking candidates for an entry-level environmental consulting position located in Portland, Maine. The successful candidate will assist with environmental science tasks related to investigation and cleanup of contaminated land and water, as well as forecasting future outcomes associated with various environmental challenges, such as oil spills and climate change. The consultant’s work will focus on quantitative analysis, such as development and management of large datasets, data analysis and statistics, and data visualization and geospatial analysis. In addition to data management and analysis, responsibilities may include desktop research on a broad range of environmental topics through critical review of scientific literature; assistance with field investigations including the preparation of work plans; and preparing technical reports and regulatory documents. These tools may be applied to characterization of contaminated sites, human health and ecological risk assessment, and litigation projects.


Required Skills:

While quantitative skills are fundamental to the position, a broad technical background also is required to support clients and marketing activities involving sediment assessment and planning for environmental remediation and restoration, environmental sampling and field surveys, ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment, natural resource management, restoration planning and environmental impact analysis. The successful candidate must work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams and independently in the preparation of client work products. Candidates must be willing to travel and to assist with occasional on-site field sampling (e.g., collecting soil, water, fish, small mammal and invertebrate samples). He/she is expected to be proficient in the analysis and oral and written dissemination of information to a variety of audiences. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are essential to allow for successful internal, client and contractor relationships. The following specific skills are desired:

  • Clear oral and written communication skills
  • Analytical skills that reflect understanding of fundamentals of statistics, experimental design, and data collection, management, analysis, mapping and visualization
  • Experience with data analysis software such as R or Python, data exploration, statistical testing, graphical data analysis and interactive data exploration, and the production of publication quality graphics.
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to work independently and in teams, and ability to learn new skills and procedures quickly. Ability to work under multiple deadlines and flexibility to handle changing priorities. Thoroughness, attention to details, and productivity.
  • Comfortable with MS Word, MS Excel and/or Access, and/or statistical software. Experience with ArcGIS, creating maps and conducting geospatial analyses is a plus.


Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in one of the following: math, statistics, environmental toxicology, chemistry, biology, zoology, or environmental engineering
  • 0-2 yrs of consulting and experience sampling sediment, surface water, fish, and/or invertebrates is a plus

Deadline 2018-12-30
Workplace Portland, ME

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