Career FAQ

In our career FAQ we’ve listed answers to some of the most common questions about careers at Ramboll and the application process. If you have further questions please contact the hiring manager listed in the job post. 

How do I apply for a job at Ramboll?

All open positions are posted on 

Simply go to Careers and search for open positions by country, market, job title or key words. Find the position that is right for you and apply via our online application form. 

How long does it take to fill out the application?

You can complete the whole application process within 3 minutes by utilizing your LinkedIn account. When you select ‘apply with LinkedIn’ you will be given and option to upload up to 5 documents, which can include your CV, cover letter and other documentation. 

Can I apply for several positions at Ramboll at the same time?

If you are interested in more than one position at Ramboll you can of course apply for several positions at the same time. 

Can I send an unsolicited application?

Yes, you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application. Please note that we only receive unsolicited applications if uploaded electronically through the link below. Please do not email your application.

Submit application and CV. 

How do I know whether Ramboll has received my application?

You will receive an email conformation as soon as you have submitted your application. If you do not receive a conformation email, please check the spam filter in your email account. 

Can I write my Master’s thesis or PhD with Ramboll?

Master’s and PhD students regularly co-operate with Ramboll on research areas related to our business areas. Please contact your local Ramboll office to hear more about the possibilities.  

Is it possible to do an internship with Ramboll?

Being an intern in Ramboll is a great way to gain insights and work experience in your field. As an intern you will get the chance to work with complex and interesting projects in a professional environment. Internships are posted on a regular basis. 

Does Ramboll provide opportunities for working overseas?

Yes. Ramboll is a global company with more than 300 offices in 35 countries which gives you plenty of opportunities to work with colleagues across professions and geographies.

To apply for a position overseas, select the country in which you would like to work and apply directly to that office.

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