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Karin Attström, Erik Møberg and Morten Skodbo. Three experts within their specific field of work tell a bit about the most important and rewarding parts of being a long time Ramboll employee. First up is Karin: 

Karin Attström, Manager

Karin has been with Ramboll Management Consulting for 19 years. She is currently working with the European Policy and Sustainability team in Brussels and she is also heading Ramboll Management Consultings Society for Knowledge, Innovation and Learning.

What has been the most exciting development in the time you've been in Ramboll Management Consulting? 

There have been many exciting developments since I started in Ramboll Management Consulting almost 20 years ago. It was in a tiny office in Gamla Stan, Stockholm quite far from the “mothership” Ramboll in Denmark. Since then Ramboll Management Consulting and Ramboll has grown into a truly international organisation, with a strong position in all national markets. 

From my current position in the European Policy and Sustainability team, I think one of the more recent exciting developments is the position Ramboll Management Consulting has achieved on the EU market. We have grown from a small ad-hoc provider of EU-wide studies and evaluations into a position where we are now considered as one of the leading service providers in the sustainability domains towards the European Commission. 

For instance we have helped inform the EU commission how to make its operations climate neutral by 2050.
Which project would you highlight as the most significant in your time at Ramboll? 

It would have to be the first ever major evaluation project Ramboll Management Consulting won in Sweden. It happened at a point in time when the newly established office in Stockholm was struggling to enter the market.

It was a crucial win and my first ever evaluation project. In many ways it defined my Ramboll-career, setting me on course towards becoming a professional evaluator in Ramboll Management Consulting. Something I have never regretted.

Erik Møberg - Senior Director.

Part of Ramboll Management Consulting for almost 25 years, working with the Social and Economic Impacts team in Denmark

What has been the most exciting development in the time you've been in Ramboll Management Consulting? 

Throughout my past 25 years in consulting, there are certainly two streams of development that have had and still has major social impact. And those are very important to me.

All these years, Denmark has been front runners in the digitalisation of the public sector. I have had the joy of being part of this major digital transition. 
It includes the development of analyses, strategies and action plans from national to institutional level, as well as pilot projects where new technologies have been tested, and a broad range of procurement and implementation of solutions at large.

Altogether, it has created a unique national infrastructure for citizens, organisations and authorities.

In recent years, sustainability has taken center stage. Years back, municipalities discussed the reduction of carbon emission, but with the introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the phenomenon became increasingly dominant. In Denmark as well as in the rest of the world.
It has been – and still is – very satisfactory and motivating to be part of such valuable developments.

Which project would you highlight as the most significant in your time at Ramboll?

 I have been lucky to work on numerous interesting and valuable projects. I have one, that has been quite significant to me, personally. It was a project for A.P. Møller-Mærsk, who wished to increase their degree of IT-related autonomy in the companies.

Many of these IT-solutions were closely related, and with a team consisting of 12 consultants, we conducted an analysis of correlations between approx. 200 applications and databases. With the project, we were able to create a road map towards reducing complexities and risks in IT while maintaining the organisation’s strength.

Weekly meetings of top priority at the client’s HQ Esplanaden was without doubt what ensured visible progress.

This project was definitely one for the books!



Morten Skodbo, Country Market Director.

Has been with Ramboll Management Consulting for more than 15 year.

What has been the most exciting development in the time you've been in Ramboll Management Consulting?

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of being part of the company and development of Ramboll Management Consulting in Norway. Starting out with three employees in 2005 until the 50+ people we are today.

During those years there has been so many exciting developments, but the one that sticks out is our ability to attract top talent. We have always been a company focused on bringing in young talents and develop them to seasoned management consultants, and we have been quite good at it.

Which project would you highlight as the most significant in your time at Ramboll Management Consulting?

Between 2006 and 2011 there was a wave of projects across Europe related to measuring and reducing administrative burdens due to public regulations. 

Ramboll Management Consulting had a leading position within this field, delivering large scale projects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and for the European commission.

The size and standardised nature of these projects allowed us to establish truly international teams working across countries creating client value. It’s a testament to the second to none services that we can offer clents, when combine our competences across countries and expertise.