Davis Adedayo Eisapei, Senior Manager

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Davis Adedayo Eisape

Senior Manager

Welcome to our Recent Joiners Club

A former basketball player, turned musician, turned business man. 
Our recent joiner, Davis Adedayo Eisape is a versatile professional now part of our Berlin team. 

Meet our new Senior Manager and Smart Mobility expert is this interview. 

What do you work with?

My tasks at Ramboll include helping clients on topics such as smart city and region, digitisation and smart mobility. Furhermore there I will focus on the development of new services and products for our customers and our internal departments.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

Ramboll Management Consulting in Germany is operating in an emerging market, in which various support programs and initiatives are currently being launched for the topics of digitisation and smart city / region.

And Ramboll having the SDGs and sustainable changes as a key focus, I do not just contribute to the success of Ramboll, but I can also make a valuable contribution to society and reaching the global goals.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

At Deutsche Bahn AG I was able to play a major role in shaping the e-mobility strategy within the framework of the "Strong Rail" initiative. As a central player, I networked various departments and subcontractors of the corporation. It was a company-wide effort that successfully resulted in pilot projects that are currently being implemented. The focus is not only on cities, but also on rural areas, which have long been neglected and therefore have great potential ready to be utilized.

What are the most exciting developments within your field of work?

We live in a time full of changes. In many ways the new is gradually replacing the old.  What is exciting is that there are so many initiatives and trends emerging. Politicians have understood that we need to invest in a sustainable infrastructure. This gives companies like Ramboll the opportunity to accompany this change in the many places where money is available but the expertise and ability to implement visions are not.

How are you planning on bringing this to our clients?

I believe that I can make a valuable contribution by contributing to the topics of Smart City, Smart Region, Citizen Engagement, Smart Mobility and in a broader sense digitisation here in Germany. With creative ideas, with networking and with professional expertise, I can help our clients materialise the right project in the right way. This will ultimately mean that the money invested will benefit the people, cities and country all over again.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

I believe that everyone wants to feel that they are doing something useful. By working on solutions that can transform the lives of many people in the cities but also in the countryside, I have exactly this feeling. It is not only about the success of the company or one’s own success. It is about  the success of the whole country, because this will generate new and exciting opportunities tomorrow as well.  

What is your best source of inspiration?
Going for a walk or riding my bike lets the ideas flow. I don't have to force it, with movement of the body comes movement of the mind. At least in my experience. 

At my desk I always have...?

...a cup of hot chocolate

If I had the skills, I would love to be...

I have always tried to do, what I've dreamt of. From playing professional basketball, to standing on big stages as a musician, to being successful in the corporate world. I try to accomplish what I dream of. But the one thing I really hope to be good at is to raise my three children to be cool and empathic problem solvers. The world needs bright people that feel responsible.

Short facts about Davis:

Davis Adedayo Eisape
E-mail: davis.eisape@ramboll.com
Title: Senior Manager
Education: Industrial Engineer 
Joining from: Deutsche Bahn

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