Diane M. LuTran, Senior Manager

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Diane M. LuTran

Senior Manager

M: +1 408 892 1528

Welcome to our recent joiner

Here you will meet our new sustainability expert Diane M. LuTran. Diane has recently joined our Strategic Sustainability Consulting team in the US. She will be advising clients on steering investment capital to promising sustainable opportunities.

You can learn more about Diane M. LuTran and her professional background in this Q&A.

What do you work with?

Working in the U.S. as part of the Strategic Sustainability Consulting team in Ramboll Management Consulting, I lead our Sustainable Economics, Finance, and ESG Investing Practice. Across these domains, we strive to deliver competitive sustainability solutions for our partners across financial services, private equity to advanced manufacturing, and private enterprises.

We are driven by a goal to assist our partners in steering investment capital to the most promising opportunities for carbon reduction, scaling up sustainable businesses, and driving responsible investment growth strategies for our partners, clients, and portfolio companies.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

I joined Ramboll because the organization cares about people, nature, and society. I feel Ramboll allows me to take part and make a conscious difference for future generations. Ramboll creates a robust platform for us to be society consultants, and I feel proud to work at an organization that believes in making the world a better place through the work we do here.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

Previously, I launched the World Bank Group SME Pilot Program, a $1mm impact investment across India, Pakistan, Kenya, and DRC focused on financial inclusion, digital development, skills training, and capacity building for women-led businesses and entrepreneurs.

This rich experience brought the opportunity to work with dynamic and innovative home-grown companies. From investing in financial literacy to providing technical assistance, this pilot program resulted in 1,200 job creation, economic competitiveness, and DRC policy reforms.

Meet our recent joiner, Diane M. LuTran. Here she is enjoying one of her favorite winter hobbies – snowboarding in Montreal and Quebec City, Canada.

What is the most exciting development within your field of work?

I am incredibly excited about the growing market trend and investor interest in the sustainable investment market. For example, over $130 trillion of private capital from 450 financial groups is now committed to setting net-zero climate pledges post COP26.

There is ample supply of financing to tackle the economic impact of climate change, but the world currently lacks the means of getting that money where it is needed. Coordinated action between the public and private sectors is necessary to finance the transition and map a new approach to funding and financing climate-friendly and sustainability projects.

This makes it an exciting time to be in the sustainable finance consulting market. Ramboll is in a unique competitive position with the science, technology, management, economics, finance, and sustainability expertise and capabilities to realize these market opportunities for companies to transition towards a more inclusive, greener, and more innovative future. I look forward to being a part of this market transition and growth opportunity.

What is your best source of inspiration?

My best inspiration sources are traveling to new places, learning about different cultures, meeting new people, and staying active. Traveling and staying active brings me great positive energy and excitement and inspires some of my best ideas.

In the winter, I love to visit snowy places in Montreal and Quebec City, Canada, and snowboard surrounded by the beautiful nature up there. And during the summers, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, and practicing yoga and meditation.

At my desk I always have…?

Ice coffee year-round! I’m always up for ice coffee dates and chats!

If I had the skills, I would love to be…?

I would love to be a musician, play the guitar, sing, and travel the world.

Facts about our recent joiner:

Diane M. LuTran
Senior Manager
Email: dlutran@ramboll.com

She joins Ramboll’s Strategic Sustainability Consulting team from International Finance Corporate (IFC) and World Bank Group based in Washington, D.C.

Diane holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, a master’s degree in Management and Business Economics from Harvard University, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Economy from University of California, Berkeley.


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