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Justus Schuchardt

Senior Consultant

T: +49 173 5372619

Welcome to our recent joiner

Here you will meet our new Senior Consultant, Justus Schuchardt. Justus has recently joined our People and Change team in Berlin. Having being involved in numerous projects with cities, universities, and other institutions, Justus joins Ramboll with an experienced background in the field of digital citizen engagement.

You can learn more about Justus Schuchardt and his professional background in this Q&A.

What do you work with?

My work is in the interface between our clients and the citizens. I am an urban planner with a focus on digital citizen engagement so my main aim is to help our clients better understand the citizens and vice versa. On top of this, I am also responsible for driving our overall strategy in the field of digital citizen engagement.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

With degrees in both Urban Planning and Sustainable Societies combined with my experience in digital citizen engagement, I know that citizen engagement is essential for a livable future and more relevant than ever.

Ramboll provides the basis to implement relevant participation effectively and in the right places. The goal is to rethink participation and to integrate more diversity into today's planning. Ramboll supports and lives the approach of human centered design. I am here to take the approaches at Ramboll further and to provide citizens with planning that meets their needs.

What are the most exciting developments within your field of work?

There are many exciting innovations in digital participation. On the planning process side, basic research calls for more and more participation before the actual design begins (phase -1). Here we have the chance to try out and explore great tools. A great deal is happening here in the areas of AR and VR.

However, I am particularly interested in how citizens can be reached. Using geo-targeting methods, there are opportunities to involve even more people in the process and thus gather new and more diverse opinions, ideas and concerns.

Meet Justus Schuchardt, Senior Consultant. In his new position, Justus will focus on Citizen Engagement.

How will you bring this to our clients?

The call for better innovation is coming from the citizens, and thus clients are also increasingly asking for innovative participation. The market needs new approaches. The large number of different projects and clients at Ramboll make it possible to bring these approaches to the clients quickly. Also, the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought clients to certain challenges in the area of participation. We, at the digital team at Ramboll, are currently working on solutions to these challenges.

How do you define the purpose of what you do?

For a sustainable future, we must strongly address the social component. An important tool to do this is to empower people and find democratic solutions. The challenges of tomorrow can only be solved if we work together across disciplines and it must take place at the level of the citizens. My goal and purpose is to drive this vision forward.

At my desk I always have…?

I work with flying desks so I don't have much on my desk here in Berlin. What is always there, however, is a book by Jane Jacobs, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”. From my point of view, it's a must-read for anyone who deals with urban development.

If I had the skills, I would love to be…?

…an UX Designer. I'm fascinated by the angles and engagement from the user's point of view. I'm drawn to the challenge of breaking down complex topics in an understandable way.


Facts about our recent joiner:

Justus Schuchardt
Senior Consultant
Email: justus.schuchardt@ramboll.com

Joining our People & Change team Advisory-team with a focus on Citizen Engagement.

Justus holds a BA degree in Urban Planning (acquired in Germany) and a MSc in Sustainable Cities (acquired in Denmark).


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