Klaudia Shevelyuk, Senior Consultant

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Klaudia Shevelyuk

Senior Consultant

Welcome to our recent joiner

Before joining Ramboll Management Consulting, Klaudia Shevelyuk lived in Ukraine with her family. But the Russian invasion forced her and the family to move and start a new life in Sweden. 
As in Ukraine, her work focuses on sustainable business strategies and changes. A focus that has only been strengthened by the recent events. Klaudia is more eager than ever to create a sustainable future; for companies and - not least - for her two daughters and generations to come. 
In this article, you can learn more about Klaudia, who is one of the new members of our Recent Joiners Club.

What do you work with?

My primary focus is consulting in sustainability strategies and reporting. I also plan to bring projects and advise on resilience and recovery of destroyed cities and infrastructure in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion.
What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

In Ukraine, I founded a sustainability consultancy, Change Agency Responsible Future, and during the past 5 years I have realised that guiding clients through challenges and helping them identify opportunities for business development and growth is what I am most passionate about. Joining Ramboll Management Consulting to advise international clients in cross-border projects is both challenging and inspiring for me.

It is a big honour for me to join a company with a long-lasting history, impeccable reputation, and deep expertise both in engineering and construction, as well as in management and sustainability consultancy.

Ramboll was established in 1945, so already from the outset the company helped rebuild and form the modern society we know today, and I am sure that Ramboll’s valuable experience will contribute a lot to the new future of Europe and the recovery of Ukraine.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?
Kyiv Environmental Strategy which I co-authored jointly with numerous experts.

Our client was the head of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Ecological Policy. It was the first strategic document developed on principles from bottom up. It engaged various stakeholder groups, was registered as a public initiative, and in December 2021, just before the full-scale war broke out, the strategy has been supported by the majority of votes in the Kyiv City Council.

The document unlocked the potential for the Kyiv city to build and implement 4 circular strategies including water, energy and clean air, waste recycling, and biodiversity and green areas. It gave the city a chance to finally move away from the post-soviet heritage and create a new, modern and flourishing environment and infrastructure.

Right now, most of the critical infrastructure in many Ukrainian cities has been destroyed. However, after the war, everything should be rebuilt from scratch in the shortest possible time and being part of Ramboll, I know that our various kinds of expertises will be crucially needed.

Meet our recent joiner, Klaudia Shevelyuk. Klaudia is a Senior Consultant at Ramboll working for the Strategic Sustainability Consulting-team

Another example of a project that I am proud of is the online education for sustainable development. A project by the UNDP Ukraine, supported by GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), where I served as a key consultant.

This project has developed 3 e-courses for following stakeholder groups: public servants, civil society and business leaders. As a result, more than 70 people across Ukraine were trained in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and over 20.000 online students have completed the e-courses. This project raised Ukrainian’s awareness on the 2030 Agenda and helped push implementation of new business models, policies, and strategies by thinking global and acting local.

What is the most exciting development within your field of work? How are you planning on bringing this to our clients? 
I truly believe that right now is the time to focus on the connection between outer and inner development. Recent research has proved that to foster the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals an inner growth and transformation are needed. Prior to joining Ramboll, I have been working for the Inner Development Goals global initiative, that develops a framework of transformative skills for sustainable development and a field-kit on how to develop these necessary skills. 
I would like to bring the Inner Development Goals to our advisory portfolio to help our clients grow and support them on their sustainable transformational journeys both on individual and collective levels.

What or who is your best source of inspiration? 
My biggest source of inspiration are my two daughters. They were also my impetus to escape the war, move to Sweden and continue my professional development. During the first 10 days of the war my family and I were stuck in the war zone on the occupied territory without any connections and electricity, the only motivation for me was to think about the future of my children.

Today, my elder daughter is a student, and she dreams of becoming a neuroscientist and my younger daughter wants to become a musician, and her biggest dream is to come back home when there is once again peace and prosperity. I admire their persistence and resilience to embrace all the complexity Ukraine is facing nowadays; that is where I can learn more from them than they can from me.

Facts about Klaudia

Klaudia is our new Senior Consultant in Strategic Sustainability Consulting, Ramboll Management Consulting, and she joined in October 2022. 
Educational background:

  • M.A. in German and Swedish linguistics, National Taras Shevchenko University (2003),
  • Swedish Institute Management Program (2010),
  • LEAP/ Baltic Lead program, Stockholm Resilience Centre (diploma, 2017).