Larisa Maya-Drysdale, Associate Manager

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Larisa Maya-Drysdale

Associate Manager

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Welcome to our recent joiner

Meet one of our new bright minds. Larisa Maya-Drysdale has recently joined our Strategy and Sustainability Advisory team in Copenhagen as an Associate Manager.

Here, she will help companies and public authorities on forming sustainability strategies, roadmaps and quantifications. With a PhD in Environmental Engineering and Management and a specialisation in Cleaner Production, Larisa will help clients achieve sustainable solutions to the benefit of the companies, its people and our planet.

We have asked Larisa a few questions about her work, area of expertise, and why she joined Ramboll.

What do you work with?

I advise companies and public authorities on sustainability strategies, roadmaps and quantifications. Everything from climate, energy, and sustainability. I am a sustainability generalist working with many methods applied to many industry sectors.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

The fact that I can apply my extensive knowledge of sustainability at a strategic level. I believe that sustainability is more powerful when dealt with at the high level of an organisation.

In addition to that, it was appealing to work with the many technical experts across Ramboll as sustainability often requires multidisciplinary and industry-specific consultants to guide companies on how to become more sustainable.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so? 

Actually, two experiences come to mind: 

One where I worked for a large multinational manufacturer of mining equipment in Finland. My colleagues and I supported them on the implementation of sustainability across the company. We had a series of workshops and case studies. Today, the company works with sustainability and circular economy on a daily basis.

The second is supporting the European Commission on developing green public procurement for data centres across the EU. This involved a comprehensive stakeholder consultation and I am proud of the result. I was the project manager of the consultants’ consortium and the suggested criteria had a high acceptance level from the majority of the stakeholders.

What are the most exciting developments within your field of work?

The climate ambitions that Europe and Denmark have. This accelerates new markets to work towards Science-Based Targets and strategies as well as finding new ways of doing so. I believe it will harmonise the way we implement this across industry sectors. 

The Sustainable Development Goals are also accelerating green investment and for the first time, many investment funds are looking at companies’ sustainability performance when assessing the risks of their investments.

How are you planning on bringing this to our clients?

I intend to help companies navigate within this transition, giving them concrete and state-of-the-art advice on how to implement sustainability and climate strategies in their organisations. At the same time, I will keep supporting public authorities and organisations in their procurement, sustainability and climate goals.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

It makes me happy that my everyday work revolves around sustainability. We need to become more ambitious as a society to reach our climate goals and leave a more stable and less risky world to our children. 

On the other hand, I believe that sustainability can be profitable. That is why sustainable strategies look at the costs too. And why I believe that sustainability furthermore adds to the higher purpose of what I do in my everyday work.

Who is your best source of inspiration?

I have worked with amazing colleagues in my 13 years within this field. Many of them are great sources of inspiration and I still remember their learnings in my daily work. 

At a higher level, I would say David Attenborough and Elon Musk. Both are pioneers in their work and both teach us that innovation is an important pillar of sustainability.

At my desk I always have…?

My laptop, a wireless mouse and a bottle of water. We work in flexible spaces which I like a lot. Becoming paperless was not easy, but I am learning from my younger colleagues to find other creative ways to take and share notes. They are amazingly clever with technology.

If I had the skills, I would love to be…?

A marine biologist. I am PADI diver and I would love to do this for a living, providing that I am employed by the BBC or something like that.

Facts about our recent joiner:

Larisa Maya-Drysdale
Associate Manager, Strategy & Sustainability Advisory

Larisa is an Industrial Engineer with a specialisation in Cleaner Production, and she is holding a PhD in Environmental Engineering and Management

Larisa was born in Mexico but has now lived in Denmark for 15 years. She has been working with sustainability in Mexico, Australia, and Denmark.

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