Mads Østerby, Business Lead, Strategy & Sustainability Advisory

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Mads Østerby

Business Lead

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Welcome to our recent joiner

Say hello to Mads Østerby who recently joined our Strategy & Sustainability Advisory-team. Mads comes with vast experience from other consulting companies, most recently Implement Consulting Group.

Below here you'll find out why he finds working with clients so motivating and how reading novels makes him a better consultant.

What do you work with?

I have extensive experience with transformation, strategy implementation, governance, and organisational development. And I typically work with organisations in and around the public sector, such as ministries, municipalities and utilities.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

Many of the organisations I have worked with face major challenges in relation to the green transition. Likewise, I have found that many of my clients have had challenges with respect to implementing very large and technical projects. 

Ramboll is super well positioned in relation to these challenges since we - under one roof - can combine the management consulting services with the more technical services. That is why I initially became interested in Ramboll.

When I then talked to both current and former Ramboll employees and people in my network who have worked with Ramboll, I found out that the company has a great culture and acts according to its values.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far? 

Prior to joining Ramboll, I have worked on several projects in the Ministry of the Environment, including for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Nature Agency. We were engaged to solve complex technical projects for example regarding waste management, regulation of water companies and recycling.

These projects have been solved in close collaboration with engineers - however, from competing companies. Here I gained lasting experiences and saw first-hand how inspiring and rewarding it is to combine my consulting competencies with their engineering competencies. Needless to say; these experiences have also had a significant impact on my interest in Ramboll.

What are the most exciting developments within your field of work?

Unfortunately, you cannot get around the COVID-19 right now. It is surely not exciting in the classic sense, but it has a huge impact on our clients and how work is carried out. For all of us; our companies and our society. Crucial projects and big investments are delayed or changed at the same time as the need for new projects arises.

How are you coping with that?

The COVID-19 situation allows us to help our clients to re-plan their projects, update their business cases and help them with their project execution. It is a great chance for us to move even closer to our clients and help them succeed in these challenging times.

You really see agility, preparedness and new ways of working going on in companies right now. Those are core skills to keep adhering to even when the pandemic is over.

Meet Mads Østerby, MS in Economics/cand.polit. Mads joins our Strategy & Sustainability Advisory team in Copenhagen.

What motivates you in your job?

Basically, I am driven by helping clients, solving complex problems and working as a consultant. Even if you have proven methods, tools and experience, it is almost always a new and very specific problem that the client faces and that you must find a solution to.

I have always enjoyed working in teams, and I am often impressed by how complex challenges a really good consulting team can crack.

What or who is your best source of inspiration?

I often get inspired by reading good novels. It can be difficult to find the time - I try to prioritise it, though.

I read a lot of non-fiction and management books, but I think it is important to get inspiration from other places and from writers with a totally different perspective. Especially when you work in an industry such as the consulting industry, where it is so important to be able to understand the individual person and what drives him or her.

At my desk I always have…?

My headphones. I love listening to music and I personally think I have an excellent taste in music. However, my children do not agree with this at all. 


Facts about our recent joiner:

Name: Mads Østerby
Jobtitle: Business Lead, Strategy & Sustainability Advisory 
Education: MS in Economics/cand.polit


Mads joins Ramboll Management Consulting from a position at Implement Consulting Group. Prior to that he worked at PwC and EY