Malin Niemi, Senior Consultant

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Malin Niemi

Senior Consultant

T: +46 (76) 6960471

Welcome to our Recent Joiners Club

This time around we meet Malin Niemi who has joined our Social & Economic Impacts team in Stockholm.

Learn more about our new expert in this Q&A.

What do you work with? 

My work involves undertaking socio-economic impact assessments, programme and policy evaluations, feasibility studies and strategic assessments. I work within various fields such as health, climate, environment, digitalisation, and transport.

As an example – I'm currently leading a project where we will assess the potential impacts of introducing a national ticket system within the public transport sector in Sweden.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting? 

I knew, that I wanted to continue my consulting career after moving back to Sweden from New Zealand. Ever since a friend described Ramboll to me I knew it was where I wanted to work. I was especially drawn to Ramboll’s DNA – to create sustainable change that has positive impacts for people and society. 

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

An experience that will always stick with me is when I went to Kiribati (a Pacific Island Country) to evaluate New Zealand’s solid waste management aid programme. Going there showed me firsthand the direct impacts of climate change and how vulnerable we are. But I also witnessed how much positive change the right instruments with the right incentives can make. This motivated me to keep working in a role where I feel I’m contributing to a better society.

Female employee smiling

Meet Malin Niemi. She recently joined Ramboll Management Consulting from Wellington, New Zealand, where she worked as a Managing Economist at Sapere Research Group. 

What is the most exciting development within your field of work?

I believe that the megatrends around sustainability, environmental and climate issues, livable cities and digitalisation (and the regulatory issues that follow), will continue to provide exciting and important work. 

How are you planning on bringing this to our clients?

I addition to the before-mentioned public transport project, I'm also leading a project where we are investigating the possibilities of monetising health effects resulting from interventions that have impacts on the environment. The project originates from a frustration that “soft values” (in this case health effects) are difficult to monetise and as a result are often neglected in decision-making processes.

Ultimately, I believe that shedding more light on intangible direct and indirect effects from any kind of intervention is crucial if we are to create a more sustainable society. With our strong knowledge base, Ramboll Management Consulting is well-positioned to follow and help our clients on this journey.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

That what I do will help our clients make better-informed decisions, which will hopefully lead to positive societal impacts.

At my desk I always have...?

A large bottle of water. I find that if I need to get up to get water it breaks my workflow.

If I had the skills, I would love to be…?

A professional surfer! I love being in the water, but I’m afraid of sharks and deep water. So it feels like a safer option to sit behind the computer. But I’m not sure what the life expectancy of an office worker is compared to a surfer? Worth looking into maybe… 


Facts about the recent joiner:

Malin Niemi
Title: Senior Consultant
Education: MSc in Economics from Stockholm University and a BSc in Political Science from Uppsala University. 
Joining from: Wellington, New Zealand, where she worked as a Managing Economist at Sapere Research Group.


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