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Richard Procee

Senior Consultant

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Welcome to our recent joiner

Here you will meet our new public policy expert Richard Procee. Richard has recently joined our Social and Economic Impacts team in Brussels. He will be working with the European commission as his main client to ensure sustainable transitions go beyond political plans to become implemented in practice.

You can learn more about Richard Procee and his professional background in this Q&A.

What do you work with?

I have joined Ramboll Management Consulting in Belgium in November last year as a Senior Consultant. As part of the Social and Economic Impacts team, I will be working on projects and proposals for several Directorates-General of the European Commission focusing on social sustainability, in particular working on the topic of sustainable transport.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

The fact that Ramboll is a mission-driven and foundation-owned company is a unique feature in the field of management consulting and that is what primarily motivated me to join the company. Moreover, the people who interviewed me with gave me a great first impression of the team.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

I have been working for over four years as a public policy consultant in Brussels. For the past two years, I have been part of the central team of my previous company managing the Framework Contract for Directorate-General REFORM, which coordinates and provides tailor-made technical support to EU Member States in cooperation with the relevant Commission services.


Meet our recent joiner, Richard Procee. Richard is a Senior Consultant at Ramboll working for the European Policy department based in Brussels

What is the most exciting development within your field of work?

I am very excited about the increased focus on sustainability in the transport sector, which now forms an integral part of the global agenda to fight climate change and it is mentioned prominently in relevant EU initiatives such as the Green Deal and Fit-for-55 package. At the same time, the field of transport is currently going through an interesting digitalization of the entire sector.

How will you bring this to our clients?

As I work almost exclusively with the European Commission as a client, these elements already figure high on the policy agenda. Where I see my own role is in supporting them to move beyond the sphere of political plans and to help with implementing this agenda in practice.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

I find it particularly meaningful to have a job in which I contribute to a sustainable society, whether that is environmental, social, economic or any other form of sustainability.

What or who is your best source of inspiration?

All my colleagues at Ramboll. Whether junior or senior, I have so far only met people with brilliant minds and a lot of dedication.

At my desk I always have…?

Headphones, as I always listen to music while working.

If I had the skills, I would love to be…?

Nothing really, I am happy to be where I am right now.

Facts about our recent joiner:

Richard Procee
Senior Consultant

He joins Ramboll’s Social and Economic Impacts team with relevant experience from a position in Brussels as public policy consultant.

Richard holds an MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies and MA in European History and Civilisation.


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