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When you work at Ramboll, you’re working for a company that makes a difference - not just for society but for employees too. Our unique foundation ownership ensures the long-term and independent development of the company, its employees and the communities we serve.

Employees in Ramboll's department for Energy Consulting

Stronger together 

At Ramboll you’ll find world-class experts not just in engineering, but in environmental science, architecture, transport, and business consultancy - just to name a few. And when we say world-class, we mean it – our people come from all over the globe to work as project managers, specialists and managers in 300 offices across 35 different countries.

We thrive on working together – no matter what age, experience, gender or field of expertise. With us, collaboration knows no boundaries. 

A world of possibilities 

Ramboll has offices in more than 35 countries so there are ample opportunities to work on projects across the globe. 

For many, working abroad is an ideal way to experience a new technical, economic and cultural environment with new colleagues. 

Empowerment and enjoyment 

At Ramboll we give you the freedom to create a flexible work-life balance. We delegate responsibility so you can plan and organise your tasks accordingly. 

And we also recognise that to get the best out of our employees, their work should be fun. Ramboll has a large number of social activities and professional networks on offer and being involved is a great way to meet new colleagues. 


Strength through diversity 

We believe strongly in workplace diversity and welcome employees from a wide range of cultures, nationalities, gender, age, religion and educational backgrounds. 

This diversification ensures that we are able to solve a broad range of projects, and we firmly believe that cross-collaboration leads to producing creative and longstanding solutions.

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