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At Ramboll we are committed to creating a sustainable future and shaping the cities of tomorrow.
But we couldn’t do that without great people. While they have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, they all share a curiosity and the willingness to make a difference.

Meet some of them here.

"I enjoy projects that allow me to do in-depth research and gain new knowledge"

Meet Kiril Naydenov, PhD HVAC engineer

"The best thing about working at Ramboll is definitely the opportunity to create new solutions and being part of unique projects, which shape new structures all over the world"

Meet Mia Wagner, Engineer

"At Ramboll, teamwork is vital. I thrive on collaboration with other engineers, within my own field, and with other experts such as architects, project managers and people on the construction sites"

Meet Daniel Halberg, Engineer

"One of the best things about Ramboll is the level of responsibility. Everybody has a say regardless of gender, age and level of experience.

Meet Francesca Del Din, Senior Engineer

"Coordination and co-operation are key disciplines for me as a project manager"

Meet Anne Moloney, Project Manager & Bridge Engineer

"I enjoy being part of the long-lasting and sustainable approach that Ramboll applies in projects. I think it's fascinating to work with renewable energy - and I like when things get a little complex"

Meet Britta Hackbarth, Project Engineer

"I get the opportunity to constantly develop my skills and learn new things, rather than working on the same kind of tasks all the time"

Meet Deroosh Mohanakumar, Engineer

"My job is very international. I work primarily in Africa, but during my career in Ramboll, I have also had projects in Eastern Europe and Asia"

 Meet Jean-Pierre Zafiryadis, Hydrogeologist

"I love the idea that I am part of creating something really big, impressive and complicated. Isn't that what any engineer dreams about?"

Meet Jens Rosenville, Structural Engineer

"You need to set goals and be determined in pursuing them to achieve more than the average."

Meet Britta Wesseling, Environment & Health, Principal

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