In which area do you work at Ramboll and what are your responsibilities?

I work as lead consultant in Offshore Wind New Services. As a team we develop large offshore wind projects together with our clients - from A-Z. Accordingly, the tasks are very diverse and mainly include project management and direct contact with the client. My team is currently working for a large offshore wind project on the American East Coast. As I have also worked in the US for the last three years, I am contributing my experience here.

You have already worked at Ramboll a few years ago and have just returned. What made you take this step?

Since 2012, when I last worked at Ramboll, I have always been folowing the company’s development. Ramboll used to be very much specialised in the design of foundations, but especially in recent years the offshore team has continued to grow, has gained new skills and has become more international. In the meantime, Ramboll has become a true global player with a comprehensive consulting approach. These new opportunities convinced me! Now I am looking forward to actively shaping the further development.

What makes working for Ramboll special to you? 

Ramboll was no stranger to me and so it was quite easy for me to get back into the business - despite the current Corona situation. I even knew some of the colleagues from the past! Of course, a lot has changed as well: Ramboll has grown a lot in the last years. This opens up many new opportunities. For example, the work is very international and you get to know colleagues from different countries. I is also very exciting to learn more about the other business units, for example the team which is working on Smart City solutions. This enriches your own work and it is good to see that Ramboll is tackling climate change with a holistic approach.
Despite the many changes, the friendly working atmosphere is still the same. 

What are your goals? What would you like to achieve with your team?

We are currently experiencing strong growth in the offshore wind market worldwide. Of course, we would like to be part of this development! I really enjoy helping Ramboll to shape this growth, opening up new markets and developing new projects. For our team, this also means continuing to grow with new colleagues who contribute different expertise. I am very much looking forward to being part of this development!