Federico Columbro, EHS auditor

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I graduated at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” as an Energy Engineer. There, among turbines of all kinds, photovoltaic panels, biofuels, and nuclear fusion power, I understood the challenge of our time: to make our living sustainable. During a period in Silicon Valley where I carried out my master thesis research on Waste Management Services, I understood how working together and sharing ideas and knowledge makes a difference to achieving that goal.

At Ramboll, I found the right place for acting effectively. Here, I work in a team as an EHS auditor, where I understand a production process, identify where it may impact the environment and the health and safety of the people, and then support the client to better manage such risks. My role at Ramboll forms an important part of my desire to help create more sustainable living. 


A story to tell 

Once I audited a huge 120 years old pharmaceutical facility in the north of Italy. Each brick and pipe there had a story to tell. I was excited to have the possibility to be there and listen to them. At the end of the day, I was very tired but also pleased to be part those stories.

A child’s eye 

My first professional job has been at Ramboll. Here, I have found people with great skills that offered me mentorship and solidarity in a positive work environment. 

When I was a child I really enjoyed the documentary “How It's Made” that showed how everyday items are manufactured. Now, when I visit a manufacturing facility as a Ramboll auditor, I keep that child's eye, but I trained the other one to look beyond the production process and highlight its potential impact on the environment and on health and safety. I like this short circuit between myself as a child and as an adult. 



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