Ramboll Head Office in Ørestad, Copenhagen

1 August 2010 Ramboll moved in to a new head office in Ørestad in Copenhagen. With its 40,000 square metres of office space the new Ramboll Head Office is among one of the largest office buildings recently constructed in Denmark, and is the work place for 1,600 Ramboll engineers and consultants.

Ramboll Head Office


Morten Peick

Morten Peick

Senior Group Director, Communications & Branding
T: +45 5161 6065

Focus on knowledge sharing

The vision for the building is to function as a holistic and sustainable role model – with openness, knowledge sharing and cooperation as the focal points.

Rambla as a source of inspiration

The focus on knowledge sharing in the building is reflected in the main architectural idea, which is inspired by Barcelona’s world famous shopping street, La Rambla, with a buzzing life with cafés, shoppers, artists, residents and tourists. The architects, Dissing & Weitling (now Mikkelsen Arkitekter), have incorporated the Rambla concept in the central space of the building to create a space where the more externally oriented functions such as café, canteen, fitness centre, foyer and auditorium are gathered.

This large, open space in the middle of the building is extended upwards to the full seven floors of the building. The house is linked vertically and horizontally by decks and balconies as well as a central stairway from the ground floor to the fifth floor, forming a three dimensional space for movement. The actual offices are positioned closest to the facade, so that the work stations are shielded from the common areas and have a view of the surroundings. In this way the employees’ working day consists of interplay between quit areas for individual work tasks and common areas with focus on cooperation and externally oriented activities.

Active contribution to the cityscape in Ørestad

“It will be a nice and inspiring house to be in. The central space will add atmosphere to the building and create a natural interaction between the activities inside the house and the future city life outside. The house will actively contribute to the future cityscape in the southern part of Ørestad with its public access to the Rambla of the building and changing exhibitions in the showroom and the outdoor serving at the café during the summer period,” said Stig Mikkelsen, project manager and partner at Dissing & Weitling (now Mikkelsen Arkitekter) about the concept for the building.

Ramboll Head Office is located close to Ørestad train and metro station, the shopping centre Fields, the exhibition centre Bella Centre, Copenhagen Towers (hotel and office complex by Dissing & Weitling [now Mikkelsen Arkitekter] and Foster + Partners) and the Ørestad Downtown area with hotels and housing, based on a masterplan by Daniel Liebeskind. The central placement in Denmark’s most active development region and proximity to the airport, regional train, metro and motorway make it easy for both employees and customers to get to and from the office.

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