Ramboll has been operating in the USA since 1982. Our 1850 professionals offer Environment & Health, Water, Energy & Advanced Manufacturing, and Planning & Urban Design services from more than 75 offices. For each engagement, we assemble a team of relevant experts who work together with clients to deliver technically sound solutions that also create value for our clients and support a sustainable society.

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Cheryl Ginyard-Jones

Cheryl Ginyard-Jones

Managing Director, Americas
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Allan J. DeLorme

PE, Principal
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Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers

Country Market Director, Water, Americas | Spearhead Director, Water & Wastewater Treatment
T: +1 315-956-6502
M: +1 315-569-6056


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Environment & Health

One of the world’s leading environmental and health consultancies, we are trusted by clients to manage their most challenging environmental, health and social issues. We help clients understand and manage the impacts of their activities and products, so that they can respond to business, regulatory or legal challenges effectively and develop sound strategies for operating sustainably. The full array of Ramboll's Environment & Health services is available from our USA operations:


Ramboll’s experts address global water and climate challenges by working across the water cycle from water resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewerage and discharge. We work with municipalities, utilities and industrial clients, drawing on our multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and liveable solutions. While the full array of Ramboll's Water services is available from our USA operations, clients here are principally interested in the following:

Energy & Advanced Manufacturing

Globally, there is a general push towards renewables, although conventional energy will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix in the coming years. As a consultancy, Ramboll is at the forefront of addressing the green transition and offers a holistic approach to energy that supports the sector on the journey towards more sustainable solutions. We work with organizations and municipalities to increase energy efficiency and implement sustainable energy development projects. While the full array of Ramboll's Energy services is available from our USA operations, clients in the region are principally interested in the following:


Advanced Manufacturing

  • Productivity and Process Improvement
  • Repurposing and Restructuring
  • Technology Scale-up

Planning & Urban Design

With our global experience and Nordic perspective, we are uniquely positioned to help North American cities enhance liveability and sustainability. Our Boston-based Liveable Cities Lab acts as an innovation hub for knowledge exchange with leading universities, research institutes, cities and private organizations. While clients in the region have access to our full array of Ramboll's Planning & Urban Design expertise, we focus on the following areas in this market:

Ramboll global services

Learn more about Ramboll’s multidisciplinary engineering, design and consultancy services across the markets: Buildings, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, Energy, Environment & Health, Energy and Telecom.

Career opportunities

When you work at Ramboll, you’re working for a company that makes a difference – not just for society, but for employees too. Our unique foundation ownership ensures the long-term and independent development of the company, its employees and the communities we serve. We invite you to explore and apply for current opportunities.

USA locations

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Laying a foundation for US offshore wind

Ramboll supported the development of Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the US, which is expected to power 17,000 homes.

The culprit: sulphur

Sniffing out the source of corrosion in new homes

Residential builders and property management teams in Florida and Louisiana faced coincident challenges of odour complaints and unusual corrosion rates for HVAC equipment in some newly constructed homes. Our investigations of the odour complaints led to solving the corrosion problem as well.

Cambridge city

Low-carbon energy supply strategy for the City of Cambridge

The City of Cambridge located north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, shares increasing global concerns about climate change and the many challenges it presents. Cambridge has adopted a Climate Protection Action Plan with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Site Location

Water supply risk analysis for data centre expansion

Water used for cooling operations is critical to data center management. A multi-disciplinary team evaluated the security of alternative future water supplies given different jurisdictions, drought restrictions, and local trends in climate and economic growth.

Infusing sustainability into hurricane-damaged property

As part of the revival of the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Ramboll worked with architects and developers to transform contaminated industrial riverfront property to outdoor recreational space within an urban area for low- to-moderate income communities in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hunters point

Bringing new life to a long-neglected site

Ramboll is involved in the San Francisco's Hunter’s Point redevelopment project, which is revitalizing a long-neglected site with a storied past.

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