Bjarne Rasmussen

Bjarne J. Rasmussen

Director Life Science, Existing Buildings & Client Consultancy

T: +45 5161 6464

As Senior Director for Buildings in Denmark, Mr. Rasmussen is responsible for the development and implementation of the division's strategy. He is a result oriented People Manager with solid experience in driving strategic change management processes and has substantial international experience at both strategic and operational levels.

Mr. Rasmussen is in charge of business and product development. He contributes continuously to the development of new methods and processes and among other things, he has initiated and conceptualised Ramboll's integrated engineering and architecture services which were established by the acquisition of the Danish architecture company Witraz in 2013. Mr. Rasmussen is also responsible for Ramboll's business within the pharmaceutical sector where the turnover has doubled twice since 2009. 

Previously, Mr. Rasmussen held the position of Area Director, Head of department, as well as an experienced Project Manager and Team Leader in charge of design and supervision of multi-disciplinary projects. He masters a range of engineering disciplines within areas such as concrete investigations, technical due diligence and renovations. Furthermore Mr. Rasmussen is appointed as a technical judge by the Danish Arbitration.  

Mr. Rasmussen has substantial international experience and is a member of the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.

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