Derosh Mohanakumar

Deroosh Mohanakumar


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Deroosh Mohanakumar, engineer in Ramboll’s water division, learned early in life that nothing comes by itself. That’s why he constantly develops his knowledge – both professionally and personally. 

Deroosh Mahanakumar is 25 years old and joined Ramboll in 2014. He is actually a building engineer, but decided to go the water-route and is now working on a wide range of water-related projects in Ramboll’s global water division.

After he got his degree, Deroosh consciously focused on getting a job at a major consulting firm, where there are good opportunities to learn and get involved in big projects.

Even though he had interned at a construction company, he discovered that he was more interested in doing the calculations behind the projects rather than only spending time “in the field”. He also really values being able to shape the design of projects and loves to solve complex challenges.

Deroosh's strong ambition and determination comes, according to him, probably not from the outside, but is most likely linked to his family background and upbringing.

”My parents are Tamils and come from Sri Lanka, when they fled the war in the 1980s. It was tough for them to get jobs in Denmark in the beginning, so it was enormously important to them that their children should do their best to get a good education, since there are such great educational opportunities in Denmark. This has certainly contributed to the fact that I have been so focused on learning, working hard, and developing my competences all the time,” says Deroosh.

A stimulating environment

At Ramboll, Deroosh works with climate adaptation, stormwater management and hydraulic calculations. He participates in many projects at one time and is pleasantly surprised by how much he can influence projects, despite his status as a relatively recent graduate.

”Ramboll has a really inclusive culture, which means that everyone gets”heard” and involved regardless of age or seniority. This has a very motivating effect on me, because it gives me the opportunity to constantly develop my skills and to learn new things, rather than working on the same kind of tasks all the time. Also the great social atmosphere means we know each other as people and not just as fellow consultants,” says Deroosh.

Life outside work

Deroosh grew up in Middelfart, Denmark where, as a teenager, every day was tightly packed with school, football, part-time jobs and friends. He always had to plan well to be able to fit everything in. This has definitely taught him discipline, which is a great advantage now as an engineer, as well as working on many projects at once, also requires effective time planning.

Despite a busy life as an engineer, he still enjoys having time for fun like football and socialising with friends.

 ”My colleagues and I prioritise having a well-rounded life outside work. And that’s something I intend to keep on doing, no matter where my career might lead,” says Deroosh.

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