Henrik Stener Pedersen

T: +45 51618124

Henrik holds more than 22 years of experience with management consulting in the areas of business and public sector development, nationally as well as internationally. Most of his work covers “the project life cycle” from visions down to decisions, i.e. feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, business cases, management plans, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation. Focus is on the sustainable development of cities and the society at large.

As Director, he is responsible for synergetic services combining technical and management consulting services. His project experiences include Norway, EU, USA, KSA, UAE and Jordan. Clients include ministeries, public agencies, municipalities, companies, the EU Commission and internatinal organisations.

Henrik Stener Pedersen’s expertise include:
  • (Socio-)economic Analyses
  • Sustainability
  • Smart cities and liveability
  • Business and Industry development
  • Research and Development

Besides from his many years in the industry, Henrik Stener Pedersen has acquired his knowledge from a PhD degree from Copenhagen Business School with a focus on Quality Management and Outsourcing.


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