Jean-Pierre Zafiryadis

Jean-Pierre Zafiryadis

Hydrogeologist, Senior Project Manager in environmental division

T: +45 51618861

Jean-Pierre is also Consul of Niger in Denmark, member in the Presidium of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and founder of the Denmark-Niger Friendship Association. In addition to that, Jean-Pierre has been a sailing instructor for many years.

"Most of the projects we are involved in contribute positively to the international development", says Senior Project Manager Jean-Pierre Zafiryadis, who primary works in Africa with urban water supply and sanitary conditions.

How has your career at Ramboll developed?

I graduated as a Hydro-geologist from DTU (Technical University of Denmark), and began at Ramboll in January of 2000 as head of department for Urban Development. Currently, I work as a senior consultant and project manager in the department for Urban Water Management and Climate Adaptation in the environmental division.

How would you describe your job?

My job is very international. I work primarily in Africa but during my career I have also had projects in Eastern Europe and Asia. Presently, I am managing two projects in Mali and am involved in major regional projects in Africa. My job consists of the management of large projects, consultancy work, as well as sales work in order to secure our continued activities.

What are your projects in Africa about?

One of our projects in Mali is the preparation of a comprehensive master plan on urban water supply in all cities outside the capital Bamako. We are working together with the national water company in order to identify water demands and needs, review the existing water supply schemes, and recommend the investments necessary to meet future demand. In addition, we are ensuring emergency extensions of water supply in four main cities.

We are also involved in improving the sanitary conditions in three regions in Mali. Here we are supporting local organisations and collaborate with them on how to handle such a program in terms of planning, contracts with local operators, and the organisation of campaigns.

Why do you feel your work is important?

Most of the projects we are involved in contribute positively to the international development – not only thanks to our professional and technical input – but also thanks to the personal relations we establish with partners and beneficiaries. I work directly with the customers, the beneficiaries and the local partners over long periods and this contributes to create highly interesting working relationships.

What do you like about working at Ramboll?

Firstly, I appreciate the flexibility that individuals can pursue projects that are of their particularly interest, pursue our own projects, as long as these projects are sustainable. Secondly, I work in a fantastic working environment with interesting people from all over the world. In my office, we are over ten different nationalities, and communication takes place in English, French, and Russian. This makes every day at work very enjoyable.

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