Kiril Naydenov

Kiril Georgiev Naydenov

HVAC Engineer, PhD, DTU, 2006, Senior Consulent, Rambøll Pharma

T: +45 5161 1794

Immersion in research and acquiring specialist knowledge

My job

Much of the knowledge we have about pharmaceutical clean rooms dates back to the 1960s. Since then, we have seen a colossal development in treatment for diseases and pharmaceutical production. 

In collaboration with researchers and students at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), I am currently working on developing a method that examines the air quality when moving from one clean room to another. This new insight will be crucial in the process of designing and dimensioning controlled environments for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Research allows for immersion

Being involved in a research project such as this gives me the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge within my field of expertise. It is exceptional to be allowed create new knowledge that will benefit the entire pharmaceutical industry. 

Kiril has 10 years of experience with design of ventilation systems in pharmaceutical, biotechnical and industrial facilities. He is a thesis adviser at DTU and an external examiner within the field of Buildings in the national corps of censors for engineering degrees and technical diploma degrees.

Recent projects

Aseptic cGMP/GMO production facility for Bavarian Nordic

New state of the art aseptic GMO 2 flexible manufacturing facility for manufacture of novel vaccines in Kvistgaard.

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