Lise Madsen

Lise Madsen

Head of Department, Site Development

T: +45 5161 4213

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Lise joined Ramboll in 2017 and is now Head of Department, Site Development, at the Copenhagen office.

Lise has more than 20 years’ experience from real estate, within development and project management of both retail and residential projects.

She has a broad experience related to the establishment and management of major development projects, including deep insight during the process into opportunities and pitfalls.

Lise has valuable experience in developing and consolidating relationships and to be able to engage in relevant networks. And she has an overview and strong understanding of business processes, is used to negotiate, as well as possesses a solid knowledge of project management and management.

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Recent projects

Maritime Museum in Elsinore

Elsinore Harbour is the home of a new subterranean maritime museum. Ramboll has made the subterranean museum possible, with its innovative solutions and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The museum is one of a kind – also on an international scale. It is situated underground and under the sea level, encircling a 150m dry dock where the wharf used to be.

The Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum Complex

The building with the eye-catching Maersk Tower is in many ways a research building beyond the usual. Requirements for flexibility and security have resulted in innovative solutions.

Building a home for elephants

Ramboll has helped realise the new Elephant House in Copenhagen Zoo, designed by Norman Foster. This building is setting new standards for animal welfare in inner city zoos, being designed with regard to the social patterns of the elephant as well as a desire to bring a sense of light and openness.

The Copenhagen Opera House

Ramboll was engaged as the consulting engineer on the construction of the Opera House and had engaged Buro Happold (UK) as sub consultant to review Ramboll's superstructures and mechanical and electrical services. The roof was projected in cooperation with Henning Larsen Architects.

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