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Henrik Møller

M.Sc., Civil & Structural Engineering, Director, Engineering Services, Denmark

T: +45 5161 7394

“Henrik Møller is a specialist within structural analyses, detailed design, fabrication and installation of offshore structures in the Norwegian and Danish North Sea sector.”

Mr. Henrik Møller has 20 years of experience from the oil and gas industry. He has worked in Denmark and Norway and was appointed Director of the Structures department in Esbjerg in 2008.

As Director of the Structures Department, Henrik Møller manages a group of 45 structural specialists within jacket and topsides structural design. Henrik is known for his leadership and motivational skills and has successfully managed to set the right teams and meet deadlines on highly complex projects. Henrik is specifically experienced within project management and detailed designs of FPSO, topsides, jacket and subsea projects.

In addition to this, Henrik holds vast experience with fabrication management and follow-up in connection with the fabrication of jackets, topsides structures and subsea structures in Denmark, United Kingdom, Holland and Norway.

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