Per Jørgensen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Per Jørgensen

Business Development Director

T: +45 5161 8776

“"Securing a steady energy supply is one of the major challenges in many European countries. One of the solutions is developing an energy infrastructure, which can be adapted to seasonal fluctuations for storage need and the ongoing supply and demand variability."”
Per Jørgensen joined Ramboll in 1985 and was appointed Strategy & Business Development Director in Ramboll Oil & Gas in 2008. Per has 25 years of experience within the international oil, gas and power industry.

He has worked as manager of Ramboll’s energy area and management of large multidisciplinary national and multinational studies.

Today Per is Business Development Director in the Oil & Gas division of Ramboll, where he is deeply engaged in market strategy, organisational development, marketing, trade, economic studies and general management. In addition to this role, Per continues to lead projects himself. He plays a leading role in many of the international projects within gas projects, environmental impact analyses and EU Commission projects. 

Also, Per has also been appointed as Ramboll’s representative in several international consortia as member of the boards.

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