Søren Eg Hansen, Ramboll Oil & Gas. Senior Project Manager

Søren Eg Hansen

B.Sc., mechanical eng., Director, Projects Department

T: +45 5161 7379

“Søren Eg Hansen is Department Director for the Projects Department in Esbjerg, Denmark. Søren is a highly experienced project manager whose project portfolio counts some of the largest offshore projects ever carried out from the Esbjerg office

Søren's daily work involves close contact to key clients as well as deep involvement in project planning and execution. Multidiscipline projects are his speciality, and here he plays a central role in securing that activities are coordinated and interdependencies established in due time to optimize project execution and avoid delays.

A locally bred specialist

Søren was born in the Danish offshore capital, Esbjerg, and also chose to study Mechanical Engineering in his native city. Although Esbjerg is located in the geographical outskirts of Denmark, Søren decided to stay put as the opportunity for professional and personal development are present in Ramboll.

Since Søren joined Ramboll Oil & Gas, he has gone from Mechanical Engineer to Senior Project Manager specialised in running projects for Maersk Oil, who is the main operator in the Danish North Sea and one of Ramboll's key clients. Today Søren's high level project expertise is applied as department director for the Projects Department.

Personal and professional development on the job

Søren sees himself in Ramboll also in the years to come 'I've been here since 1996 and I feel comfortable in the company. It is a large place to work with offices in numerous countries. The sheer size of Ramboll makes it an attractive place to be as opportunities for professional and personal development abound'.

Ramboll offers continuing education via the Ramboll Academy. Søren has attended several project management courses and is happy that his company has a strategy for continuing education both for keeping employees abreast of the latest technical developments but also to ensure employee satisfaction. 

Challenging projects – extreme environment

'The oil and gas offshore industry is a challenging place to be,' Søren adds. The extremely specialised industry demands precision and innovative thinking as solutions must be tailored to the harsh environment offshore. This goes both for designs, choice of materials and installation procedures.

Add to this the fact that offshore installation is easily four times the price of traditional onshore construction jobs, which is another driver for coming up with exacting solutions that will save time and money. 'To my mind there are few engineering fields as rich in challenges as the offshore oil and gas industry' Søren ends. 

Recent projects

Cross-border tie-in from subsea station, Trym, to Harald platform

Maersk Oil is the main operator of the Danish North Sea oil fields. In 2011 Maersk Oil entered its first cross-border tie-in, which enables gas and condensate from Norwegian waters to be taken to Maersk Oil’s Harald platform for processing before exporting onwards.

Smooth and cost-effective EPC set-up in the North Sea

In the summer of 2014 a joint venture between Ramboll Oil & Gas and Semco Maritime were rewarded an EPC contract for the provision of onshore and offshore services to Hess Denmark’s platforms in the Danish North Sea.

Increasing well capacity of jack-up drilling rig Maersk Inspirer

In 2012 Maersk FPSO awarded Ramboll Oil & Gas an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract comprising enhancements to the jack-up drilling rig, Maersk Inspirer.

Tyra East Rationalisation Project

The Tyra Field is the largest gas field in the Danish North Sea sector – it is operated by Maersk Oil, and has been producing since 1984. Ramboll has been part of the Tyra East Rationalisation Project; just one phase in a series of Optimisation Projects in the field.

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