David Graff

Communications Manager

T: +45 5161 7628

David is a specialist in creating value in the public sector by bridging the gap from knowledge to concrete practice by means of cross-media, differentiated and target-aligned communication. His expertise is based, among other things, on more than a decade of experience in developing, conducting and analysing communication to the practitioners and managers of the public sector.

David’s experience stems from assignments for ministries, agencies and municipalities and concerns employment, work environment, education, digitisation, health, integration and social initiatives. He is mainly engaged in dissemination, but also contributes to analysis as well as implementation and development projects

David Graff’s expertise include:

  • Communication analysis and strategy
  • "Translation" of research based knowledge into usable dissemination products
  • Development and production of customised dissemination products
  • Written products, social media and campaigns
  • Project management of dissemination production.

From his job as Head of Communications for Cabi, a hub for network and dissemination on the labour market, David has a special insight into labour market initiatives for marginalized groups.  David also holds specific insight into the mechanisms of CSR from his role as communication advisor for VFSA – Corporate forum for Social Responsibility.


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