Ann Savage

Business Manager

T: +47 4129 2755

As business manager within the area of Strategy and Operations, Ann Savage is an expert in organisational development and change, as well as change leadership in complex organisations. Changes she implements range from establishing new ways of working or organising, culture and behaviour, adaptation to new context or improving relations and collaboration between individuals and organizational units within complex organisations.

Ann Savage’s work mostly includes leading large complex projects and conceptualising, developing and delivering processes both with within the private and public sector, and especially within universities and colleges. She also lectures and runs seminars for managers and leaders at all levels within her fields of expertise.

Ann Savage’s area of expertise includes:

  • Project management, complex projects
  • Organisational development: Functions, processes, culture, interactions, performance, leadership
  • Leadership development – change leadership
  • Large group processes – stakeholder and employee engagement
  • Teaching, lecturing and seminars.

Furthermore, Ann has several certifications e.g. Executive MBA (IMD - CH), Systemic consulting (DISPUK, DK), Positive Organisational Change - Appreciative Inquiry (Weatherhead: Case Western, US), Certified Coach and Level Three Leadership (CTI, US)



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