Anne Helene Arild

Head of Department, Project Management, Norway

T: +47 977 32 648

Anne Helene is Manager of Project Services in Ramboll Oil & Gas in Oslo. She has a background as M.Sc. in Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration.

Heading a cross-organisational team for project services

In early 2013, Anne Helene Arild joined Ramboll as head of department for Project Services, which includes weight and cost estimation, weight monitoring, risk management, planning and document control. The current 12 employees in Anne Helene's department work across Ramboll Oil & Gas' offices in Norway and Denmark and are involved in a large number of projects.

An ambition to grow

The projects range from early studies for new offshore platforms to decommissioning of older facilities in the North Sea. The ambition is to grow the department further.

"We have a diverse team with highly experienced senior weight and cost specialists and younger engineers with excellent analyst skills. It is a very exciting process to build up this cross-organisational service department and see how it develops day by day," says Anne Helene.

Developing employees from project to project

Anne Helene has worked with management for several years. At Ramboll she is responsible for the department's cross-organisational projects and from time to time she also gets the opportunity to engage in specific projects. 

"I like that I can combine my engineering background and commercial understanding and still be part of some of the more complex projects. At the moment I am involved in a major oil and gas development project called Martin Linge where I am responsible for the project control. The hands-on approach also gives me great insight into how each employee develops in the job and obtains new qualifications from project to project. I find it very rewarding to be part of this competence development," says Anne Helene.

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