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Ben Rowe

Project Director

T: +44 23 8081 7500

Over his 23 years with Ramboll, Ben has delivered on some of the UK’s most iconic buildings, including the National Graphene Institute and Mary Rose Museum and internationally he’s worked in sensitive and harsh climates, including the Falklands and the Antarctic.

Ben brings both clarity and momentum to projects through his involvement. He uses excellent communication skills to ensure that broad strategic thinking sets a platform and route through the design process to meet the client’s needs.

His most recent project involved the Halley VI Research Station relocation. Monitoring by British Antarctic Survey revealed that Halley VI, located on the Brunt Ice Shelf was sitting downstream of a crack that could have eventually cut the station off from the rest of the ice shelf. The relocation of the station further upstream moved it away from the crack to help ensure Halley’s continued safe operation into the future. As the structural advisor, Ben assessed the structural elements of the research station prior, during and post relocation. While Ben’s primary role was structural advisor, he also contributed to the project's overall management, supporting the Station Leader and the project team on other work required during the project. This pooling of resources is critical to maximising efficiencies during Antarctic operations, where working in extreme conditions requires great teamwork and collaboration. To find out more about this incredible project, read Ben's blog.

As a great collaborator and skilled in the design and coordination of solutions for complex projects, he is one of Ramboll’s highly experienced team leaders. His portfolio of work spans a broad range of sectors, including public and historic buildings, science and research laboratories, residential and commercial premises. His experience and practical common sense approach to solving problems enables him to make a valuable contribution to projects in which he is involved.

Recent projects

Hastings Pier Conservation

The much loved Victorian pleasure pier at Hastings has risen like a phoenix following decades of abuse, thanks to a group of local people and funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Ramboll played a key role in the restoration and regeneration of Hastings Pier, offering strategic advice to both the Pier Trust and Hastings Borough Council.

RNLI Coventina - All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC)

The All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) at the RNLI Headquarters, Poole is a modern life boat manufacturing facility that has secured the charity’s lifeboat building supply chain for the next 30 years.

RNLI Baltimore upgrade

Baltimore Lifeboat Station, on the south west tip of Ireland, has been extended and remodelled to accommodate the needs of crews for the inshore and all-weather lifeboats. Facilities have been improved further by creating an adjacent pontoon berth. Our team provided geotechnical, marine, structural and building services engineering and project management.

The station building (c.1913) is an early example of reinforced concrete construction and has been refurbished and enlarged by the addition of a new steel frame extension, roofed with slate to match the existing. The station’s slipway has been modified so that RNLI Baltimore’s Atlantic 75B class inshore lifeboat Bessie can be launched directly from the boathouse. A water-source heat pump uses seawater to supply backgro ...

Garden Reach Shipyard modernisation

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE) is a Government of India undertaking, building vessels of many types — mostly for the government itself. Its shipyards are located on the River Hooghly in Kolkata. Together with our associated sub-consultants Appledore International, TK Roy & Associates and Intercon Maritime Consultants, we provided design and masterplanning services for the modernisation of the Garden Reach Shipyard.

The main yard’s existing facilities included a dry dock, building berth, slipway, workshops and hull fabrication shops. The team carried out studies of existing shipyard processes, and of measures that would raise performance at Garden Reach to the level of a high quality modern yard. The main yard has being reorganised to incorporate additional faci ...

Liverpool cruise liner facility 2007

When Liverpool's 250-metre-long floating cruise liner facility opened in 2007, large cruise liners such as Queen Mary II and Queen Elizabeth II were able to to visit Liverpool without entering the enclosed dock system or berthing mid-river.

Boscombe Pier refurbishment

Boscombe Pier In Bournemouth was constructed In the 1880s from wrought iron and timber, and is a Grade II listed structure. It is the focal point of Boscombe seafront and had undergone several alterations over the years, including the construction of a theatre on its main platform. Our marine specialists provided design services for a new pier head, central windbreak, timber deck and handrails as well as developing a phased construction schedule.

Falling into disrepair, the pier head had been inaccessible for over 15 years, finally closing in 2005. The renovation of the pier forms part of a larger regeneration project for Boscombe's seafront that includes an artificial surf reef, a housing development and renewal of existing buildings.

The pier's listed status meant ...

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